Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis


    Aboo Hakeem was a student at the Islaamic University of al-Madeenah. He travels to various countries giving da’wah. He is also close to some of the major Scholars of today, such as Shaykh ’Ubayd al-Jaabiree.

    1. Innovation
      1. [] A Warning Against The Evils Of Ghuloo Extremism
      2. [] Perpetrators of Corruption in Our Times
    2. Character - Akhlaq - Tazkiya
      1. Seeking forgiveness and mercy of Allah
      2. [] Satan - The Unseen Enemy - Part 01- 02 - 03
        lecture on how to protect yourself from satan and to beware of his wicked ways and arming your self with..
    3. Final Journey
      1. [] The Overwhelming Day
    4. Ummah
      1. [] Reasons for Destruction of the Muslims
    5. Dawah
      1. [] Verily in the Creation are Signs - troid.ca
        ‘Stated ‘Alee Ibn Abee Taalib (radiyallaahu anhu), ‘Indeed the dunyaa is travelling away from us and the hereafter is coming towards us, and for both of them they have children, so be from the children of the hereafter and do not be from the children of the dunyaa because today is action and no reckoning and tomorrow is reckoning and no action.’
      2. The Manhaj of the Prophets in Giving Dawah
      3. The Role Of Women In Dawah
    6. Family
      1. Encouraging Ones Family upon Good
    7. Knowledge
      1. The Path to Guidance
        A Lecture from the seminar in Bristol, England (Summer, 2001).
    8. Aqeeda & Fiqh
      1. Masaail al-Jaahiliyah of Shaikh al-Islaam Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhaab-1A -- 1B
        An introduction to the great work, Masaa'il al-Jahiliyah of Shaikh al-Islaam Muhammad Ibn 'Abdul-Wahhaab.
    9. Ramadhan
      1. [] The Month of Ramadaan - troid.ca
        A reminder about Ramadaan; its legislation and rewards. Aboo Hakeem Bilaal Davis expounds upon the virtues of ‘the month of taqwaa’ over this twenty-seven minute khutbah.
      2. The Rulings of Ramadhaan
      3. End of Ramadan
      4. [] Importance Of The Quraan in Ramadaan
    10. Sins
      1. The fitnah of women
    11. Seerah
      1. [] Life Of The Prophet Part 1
      2. [] Life Of The Prophet Part 2
      3. [] 'Aa'ishah: The 'Aallimah, The Daa'iyah - troid.ca
        - Aboo Hakeem Bilaal Davis delivers a lecture rich in ahaadeeth and fruitful narrations concerning the ‘Aallimah (Scholar) and Daa’iyah (Caller to Islaam); Ummul-Mu'mineen, ‘Aa’ishah (radi 'Allaahu anha). “A fine example for the one who wishes to emanate righteous women”.
        - Review: A lecture from the seminar in Philadelphia/New Jersey (2002). One of the du’aat from England, Aboo Hakeem Bilaal Davis delivers a lecture rich in ahaadeeth and fruitful narrations concerning the ‘Aallimah (Scholar) and Daa’iyah (Caller to Islaam); Ummul-Mu'mineen, ‘Aa’ishah (radiyallaahu 'anhaa). A fine example for the Muslim woman who wishes to emulate the Sunnah. Aboo Hakeem demonstrates the actualisation of the Sunnah at the hands of 'The Mother of the Believers’. Several examples form the life of the noble companion and wife of the Messenger (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) are brought forth in order to demonstrate clinging to the Sunnah.
        - The Prophet (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) said, “Verily rifq (gentleness) does not exist in something, except that it beautifies it. And it is not taken out of something, except that it harms it.” [ Related by Muslim (no. 2592) and Aboo Daawood (no. 4809)]
    12. Tawheed
      1. Reflections In Worship :
        A series of short inspiring talks after every taraaweeh (night) prayer at the Masjid as-Salafi in Birmingham, UK 2007.
        1. [] Reflections In Worship 07 P13
        2. [] Reflections In Worship 07 P16-17
        3. [] Reflections In Worship 07 P21
        4. [] Reflections In Worship 07 P25
        5. [] Reflections In Worship 07 P27
    13. Misc
      1. [] Why Allaah Sends Earthquakes
      2. TeleLink