Shaik Nasiruddin Albanee

A distinguished scholar who devoted his life to the Sunnah and is considered to be the mujaddid of the era.  He received documented ijazaat from the hadith scholars, Shaykh Muhammad Raaghib at-Tabbaagh and Shaykh Bahjatul-Baytaar (the chain of narration for this ijazah stretches back to Ahmad ibn Hanbal).  The latter ijazah in particular is also given only to those who have excelled in hadeeth sciences and can be trusted to accurately convey hadeeth

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Lecture 01. The Time of The Strangers

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This is the translation of a set of tapes from the famous Silsilatul-Hudaa wa Noor series by Imaam al-Albaanee. 

He gives an extremely beneficial lecture establishing the foundational principles of Al Islam.

 The Shaykh points out that this is time of the Ghurabah (strangers). Those people who oppose the Sunnah and spread of innovation ann the strange thing in this is these innovations are coming from our Brothers who attribute themselves to following the Sunnah.

Many of these people are one who try to defend the Sunnah The Shaykh Explains how can One who Love the Sunnah Oppose it. the Shaykh Gives an Example of the People Saying Ameen in the Congregational Prayers Behind the Imam, and the error in the Ameen people make.

The Shaykh Also in this lecture discusses some beliefs of the Khawarij and the rejection of some of the Quran and Sunnah and still they are persistent to be followers of the Sunnah. The Shaykh Also Discuses Some of the errors of the Mu'tazilah and how they twist and interpret Islam with philosophical rational with regards to Aqeedah.

The Shaykh concludes his lecture discussing what was the call of the Sahabah, when Muadh ibn Jabal was sent to Yemen. The Shaykh Also Refutes the Qadiyani's (Followers of Ghulam Ahmed Mirza) these people have come about in today’s time not a century has passed and we’ve  the emergence of these deviants.

Lecture 02. Why it is Obligatory to Ascribe Oneself to Salafiyah 

Listen to the Imaam of Salafiyyah recount his encounter with a man who does not feel that it is obligatory for one to ascribe himself openly to the truth – the madhhab of the Salaf.

Also A Excellent Related Lecture On The Issue of Following the Way of the Pious Predecessor is One BY: Shaykh Rabee al-Mudkhali & Imam Abdul-‘Azeez ibn Baaz Click Here To Listen to This Excellent Lecture Entitled:  “Holding on to the Quran And Sunnah Upon Manhaj as Salaf ‘’


Lecture 03. The Issue Of Al-Haakimiyyah

Lecture 04. The Obligation Of Hijrah  -