Repentance ( At-Tauba ) – Forgiveness ( Isthigfar )

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Repentance ( At-Tawba )

Tawbah for everyone
Conditions for making Tawbah
Saying “I repent to Allah and the Messenger” and “I entrust you to Allah and His Messenger”
Getting rid of ill-gotten money as a condition for making Tawbah
Punishment after death for sins from which Tawbah was made
Definition and conditions of Tawbah
Weeping as a sign of Tawbah acceptance
Tawbah as obliterating sins
Intentionally committing a sin preventing the acceptance of Tawbah
Offering Salah when making Tawbah
Accepting the Tawbah of someone who commits the same sins again
Practical, theoretical and applicable ways of making Tawbah
The Hadith “Where it not that you sin…”
Travelling abroad to work and his acts of obedience decreasing
Saying something by mistake
Ruling on repenting but being unable to give people back their rights
A woman slapping her cheeks while fasting in Ramadan and then seeking forgiveness
A Muslim knowing that Allah has forgiven them
Sincerity when making Tawbah
Sinning and seeking forgiveness then sinning again and seeking forgiveness


Annulling Tawbah
Sincere Tawbah that are hopefully accepted
Vowing not to commit a sin and breaching the vow
Committing sins and having none to help him stop
Tawbah for abandoning Salah
Apostatizing to Christianity then repenting
Tawbah from abandoning some prayers and committing sins
Kaffarah for sins such as abandoning Salah
Tawbah from being undutiful to parents
Tawbah from lying
Absolving oneself from injustice done to others
Repenting from major sins
Repenting from Zina and then going back to it
Tawbah by marrying the woman with which he had Zina and had a child
Abstaining from sources and means of Fitnah
Tawbah from sodomy
A thief repenting
Giving people back their rights to repent from this injustice
Repenting from swearing a lot and being undutiful to parents
Insistence on committing sins
Shaving the beard as similar to committing major sins
Expiations for sins
Swearing not to sin and breaking the oath
Wishing to repent from being undutiful to parents but his parents died
Killing some people during a war with a neighboring tribe
Repenting from all sins but keeping the ill-gotten money
Disposing of ill-gotten money after entering Islam
Accountability for inner thoughts