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Patience during illness

Patience during hardship

What should be said at times of adversity

Encouraging someone dying to say: “La ilaha illa Allah”

Scholars’ opinions regarding Talqin after death

Talqin the dead, wailing when following the funeral procession and walking and sitting on the graves

Eating up the property of the deceased

Rights due from a deceased’s estate

What is paid from the deceased’s money

The debt on a dead person

Expediting the debt payment for the deceased

Permissibility of delaying the repayment of a dead person’s debt until its due time

A deceased person being indebted to the government

Reward of a woman who dies in labor

Washing, shrouding and carrying the dead

Preparing the dead person for burial

Preparing and burying the dead in non-Muslim countries

The deceased’s gold tooth

Washing a frozen corpse

How to wash the dead

Washing the remains of one who has taken his own life

Shrouding the dead

A man’s washing of the corpse of a woman

A son washing his deceased mother’s body

A woman washing her dead husband

A husband putting his dead wife in the grave

A menstruating woman washing the dead

Circumcision of the Dead

Permissibility of kissing the dead after washing his body

Washing the dead whose body is cut in an acident

Making Haste in Burying the Dead

Washing and shrouding someone who dies during Salah

Ruling on washing and burying the body of one unjustly murdered in a tribal feud

Ruling on martyrdom of anyone dying in a car accident

When the corpses of Muslims and non-Muslims are mixed together

How to Handle Unidentifiable Corpses inMakkah

Funeral Prayer

Ruling on Funeral Prayer

Du‘a’ during the Funeral Prayer

Raising one’s hands in the Funeral Prayer

Taslim at the end of Funeral Prayer

Offering Funeral Prayers for an indebted person

Offering Funeral Prayers at the cemetery

Offering Funeral Prayers at the grave

Performing the Funeral Prayer for two dead people

Funeral Prayer for one who committed suicide

Burial time

Ruling on making up for what is missed in the Funeral Prayer

Burying the dead before offering Funeral Prayer

Calling People to the Funeral Prayer

Offering Funeral Prayer at forbidden times

Washing a stillborn baby

Ruling on Children who Die at an Early Age

Funeral Prayers offered for a child after his burial

Funeral Prayer regarding a miscarried fetus

Offering Funeral Prayer for an unmarried woman

Ruling on those who die having abandoned Salah

Offering Funeral prayer on a disbeliever or an illegitimate child

Funeral Prayer following the execution of a Had or Qisas

Women offering the Funeral Prayer

Funeral Prayer in absentia

Uncovering the Face of the Dead when Burying him

Reciting Al-Fatihah in the Funeral Prayer

Burying the dead

Description of the grave

Description of the burial

Hastening to prepare the deceased for burial and covering the body

Those who die in car accidents

Burying more than one dead person in the same grave

Burying the dead in a coffin

Placing Bricks in the Grave at the Time of Burial

Putting dung in graves

Building on the Graves

Gathering martyrs’ remains

Burying vipers and vermin

Burying hair or nails one clips

Burning human remaining such as a limb or hair

What should be done with amputated human body parts

Sending a body from one country to another

Returning a body to its homeland

Transporting the body of a dead Muslim from a non-Muslim country

Burying a Muslim in non-Muslim graveyards

Burying disbelievers in Muslim graveyards