Fatwa: Health


Fatwa – Health & Medication

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Ruling on treatment by cauterization
[] Where to cauterize a human body
[] Ruling on bloodletting
[] Paying the one who practices cauterization
[] cauterizing the mother
[] Taking sleeping and calming pills
[] Local anesthesia
[] Ruling on operating in the eye
[] Using hair medicines
[] Treating piles
[] Treating enuresis
[] Treating teeth problems
[] Treating women’s breasts
[] Treatment with tobacco
[] Using alcohol in medicines and wall paintings
[] Treatment with opium
[] Treatment with Khamr
[] Cleaning with cologne and alcohol
[] Using Miswak with toothpaste during the day of Ramadan
[] Treatment with snake venom
[] Treatent with drugs
[] Treating drug addiction with a medicine taken from swine
[] Mixing medicines with intoxicating alcohol
[] Drinking donkey’s milk as treatment
[] Treatment with intoxicants
[] Medicines that cause insomnia
[] Drinking blood as a treatment
[] Giving the father a medicine to quit smoking
[] The hair loss medicine containing a percentage of alcohol
[] Prohibited medicines
[] Drinking the blood of the Burazy as a treatment for rabies
[] Treatment with tiger fat
[] Medicines containing Khamr
[] Medicines extracted from blood
[] Prescribing a medicine containing alcohol
[] Selling and using medicines that contain a prohibited substance
[] Treatment with camel dung
[] Treatment according to Kitab Al-Tib by Al-Suyuty
[] Treating the mentally-retarded
[] Abstaining from operating if the success percentage is low
[] Ruling on seeking treatment
[] An unskilled doctor operating
[] Giving the mature sane patient’s opinion in case of disagreement
[] A doctor delaying Salah while operating
[] Sex change surgery
[] Undergoing operation in Ramadan and Salah
[] Using the life support systems
[] Hastening a patient’s death to relieve them
[] Ruling on hermaphrodite

Cosmetic surgery

[] Ruling on cosmetic surgery
[] Transplanting a layer of Melanin under the spots where the color has changed
[] Using artificial teeth
[] Removing the extra finger
[] Reforming the lips
[] Straightening the nose
[] Hysterectomy
[] Men removing extra parts in their breasts

Treatment with blood

[] Transferring blood from a husband to his wife
[] Transferring blood to a person following a different religion
[] Blood donation
[] Accepting a gift after blood donation
[] Training doctors to draw blood from hopeless case patients


 [] Vivisection
[] Autopsy
[] Removing a dead person’s finger to decide the cause of death
[] Mummifying a child’s corpse for educational purposes
[] Keeping samples of the deceased people in the forensic medical center

Miscellaneous rulings

 [] Disposing of the money donated to treat a patient abroad who did not travel
[] A doctor selling the free samples of medicines they get
[] Treating epilepsy
[] Supplicating to Allah with His Names to cure diseases
[] Herbal treatment and its wages
[] Treating a snake bite
[] Treating a premature baby versus leaving it to die
[] Abortion if delivery is risky
[] Ovum transplant
[] Visiting a male doctor to discover the cause of pregnancy delay
[] Donating a kidney to the father
[] A woman donating her uterus
[] Selling an organ


[] Enduring diseases
[] Displeasure with one’s conditions
[] Facing Fitnah
[] Wishing for death when faced with troubles
[] Showing patience at times of afflictions and seeking the reward from Allah