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Excellence of Quran

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Virtues of Some Surahs Recitation

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Quran – Texts, Translation, Transliteration


Tafsir Ibn Kathir ( )





  • Tafsir Ibn Kathir Online !
    You can read, search and study the Noble Quran.You can browse through Surah’s, perform detailed searches and also add verses to your own “Schemas”. A Schema is a collection of verses that are all related or which pertain to a particular topic.
    The purpose of this site is to help non Arabic speakers to read and recite the Holy Qur’an. It gives the basics of the Arabic language, and teaches pronunciation of the letters. Quran verse by verse audio download available.
  • Built to Memorize Quran Online

Electronic Mushaf (King Saud Project)

This project has various features apart from being an online mushaf such as 24 languages, a feature to repeat verses and surahs and also a memorisation test.
Online version:
Downloadable version:

Qur’aan tracker

QuranTracker is Quran memorisation (hifdh) and revision software designed to help you make better progress in memorising the Quran. It has various features to help you manage memorising new portions of the Quran as well as revising what you have learned.


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