by al-Allaamah al-Imaam Abu Muhammad Abdul Ghanee bin Abdul Waahid bin Alee al-Maqdasee (rahimahumullaah) (d.600 A.H.).The book, “Umdatul-Ahkaam”, is compiled by hadeeths only from the Saheehs of Imaam Bukhaaree and Imaam Muslim. The majority of the hadeeths in “Umdatul- Ahkaam” are Muttafaqoon alayh (agreed upon): meaning that they are recorded by both Sheikhs, in their respectable Saheehs. There are very few hadeeths in this book which are only reported by Imaam Bukhaaree or only by Imaam Muslim. Therefore, all the hadeeths of “Umdatul-Ahkaam” are authentic hadeeths. It is divided into books and chapters of fiqh.

The book, “Umdatul-Ahkaam”, is also assigned in Saudi Arabia as a course of hadeeth for the first class in the intermediate school and Sheikh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen (rahimullah) has written a brief commentary on the narrations that is very beneficial for the seeker of knowledge.


Explanation of Umdatul Ahkaam – Hadeeth 1 | H2 | H3 | H4 | H5 | H6 – by Saleh as Saleh
Transcripts of the lectures on ‘umdatul ahkaam – Book of Purification



[Buy] Tanbeehul-Afhaam Sharh Umdatul-Ahkaam fee Kalaam Khayril Annaam – by Shaykh ibn al-Uthaymeen

The book was divided into three parts and sections as it was studied over a period of a few years. It is used in the first year Intermediate-Level by colleges and institutions affiliated with the Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia, which follow the program of Muhammad bin Saud Islaamic University.

Here a short translated (English) transcript of the sharh by shaykh al-Jabiri on the subject of menstruation:

‘Umdat ul-Ahkaam with the notes of shaykh bin al-Uthamin (in Arabic) – rahimahullah – under the name “Tanbeeh ul-Afhaam“:  The book can be bought here: See a short remark on the book here: