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Madhabs: Taqleed

  • Is Differing a Rahmah? What Should We be United upon? – by Abul Abbaas Musa Richardson
    An important session considering that we live in a era of multiple groups and parties, all claiming to be upon the Sunnah, some upon separate paths, others supposedly cooperating in the name of ‘unity’ yet completely divided in their beliefs and aspirations, desiring to unite people upon falsehood, agreeing to be silent about deviation, hizbiyyah and utter opposition to the pure Islaamic ‘Aqeedah, all disguised by the pure and beautiful term of ‘Islamic Unity.’
    “Ikhtilaaf is not a rahmah, when one person claims that an issue is halaal and another comes and claims it is haraam, this is not the rahmah of Allaah, rather the rahmah is in the Sunnah and holding to unity and holding to what is correct from the book and the Sunnah and being united upon what is correct…and it is not division and separating in to opinions that oppose each other and clash, this is division and this is prohibited…” . You can read more here.
  • Unity is Sunnah and Division is Bidah – by Abu Uwais Abdullah Alee

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Al Ghurbah – The Strangers

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