Fatwa: Hadith


Fatwa – Hadith

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Principles of the science of Hadith

Introduction to books of Hadith, its Matn, and principles
Ways of identifying the Da`if Hadith
The Mursal Hadith and the Hadith of Asma’ on Hijab
Easiest ways to acquire the knowledge of Hadith and its sciences

Hadith Qudsy


Divisions of Sunnah
Sunnah according to scholars of Hadith and those of Usul-ul-Fiqh and the Fuqaha’ and the difference between them
Is Sunnah a Wahy or not?

Hadith Mutawatir and Hadith-ul-Ahad

Accepting narrations of women in Hadith
The authority of Hadith-ul-Ahad in the field of `Aqidah
Definition of Hadith Mutawatir and Hadith-ul-Ahad

Hadith Mawquf and Hadith Mursal

Istidlal by Da`if Hadith

Exhortation by Da`if Hadith
Is it permissible to act upon the Da`if Hadith?
When can Da`if Hadith be followed?

Science of Tabaqat-ul-Ruwah

Connection of Sanad until today

Whether there being scholars who have a connected Sanad to the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him
The rank of Muhammad ibn Ishaq ibn Yasar
Introduction to the Two Shaykhs
Refuting the claim that Sahih Al-Bukhari contains some Da`if Hadith
What are the books of Sunnah and the books of `Aqidah?

Some topics relating to Sirah of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him

Sirah of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him
Authenticity of the Messenger’s letter to Heraclius
Advices of the Messenger, peace be upon him
Prophethood seal
The Prophet’s sleep on straw mats
The Prophet’s poverty and richness
Character of the Prophet, peace be upon him
The battle of Tabuk
Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him
`Umar ibn Al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him
A story that was ascribed to `Aly, may Allah be pleased with him
Mothers of the believers, may Allah be pleased with them
Narrations on Fatimah, may Allah be pleased with her
The Sahabah, may Allah be pleased with them
Those killed by the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him

Hadith whose meanings were asked about

There should be neither harming nor reciprocating harm
Allah has remitted the penalty of wrong acts that my people may do by mistake or due to forgetfulness
Saying a word of justice to an oppressive ruler
My Ummah is Shown Mercy
Explanation of the Hadith saying that women are created from a crooked rib
The meaning of the saying, “‘O Allah, let me live in modesty!”
Useless knowledge, harmless ignorance, and the story of copying the book of Daniel
Time of Fitnah
The meaning of ‘estrangement of Islam’ and ‘the best of generations’ referred to in the Prophet’s Hadith

Asking about the authenticity of certain Hadith

The authenticity and explanation of the Hadith of seeking forgiveness for a sin
Hadith of ‘Whoever dies without knowing the Imam of his age…’ and the Hadith of ‘Whoever dies without pledging allegiance to an Imam…’
Hadith which states that there is no asceticism in Islam
Hadith of ‘My father and yours…’ and the Hadith of doing Dhikr upon entering markets
Hadith of ‘Three things should not be turned down: milk, cushions and `Ud’
Hadith of ‘Allah will raise at the head of every hundred years…’
Hadith of ‘Woe to the Arabs from an evil which has approached…’
Hadith of ‘If a house fly falls in the drink of anyone of you, you should dip it…’
Hadith of ‘Whoever lives in the desert will become rude…’
Hadith of ‘There are two types of people whose righteousness will lead to the righteousness of [other] people…’
Hadith of ‘By Him in Whose Hand my life is! You will die just as you sleep, and you will be resurrected just as you wake up…’
Hadith of ‘Angels do not enter a house in which there is a dog …’
Hadith of ‘The [optional] Salah performed during the day should consist of pairs of Rak`ahs’
Hadith of ‘Islam initiated as something strange…’
Hadith of ‘Whenever a nation commits evil deeds, they decorate their Masjids’
Hadith of ‘There will appear from the tribe of Thaqif a liar and a destroyer’
Hadith of ‘Shall I not tell you who the best of witnesses is?’
Hadith of ‘Can the believer be a coward?’
Hadith of ‘Allah has some servants to whom people will turn for fulfilling their needs…’
‘We have come back from the lesser Jihad…’ and ‘Whoever learns the language of some people, will be safe against their deception’
Hadith of ‘Teach your children archery, swimming…’
Hadith of ‘The most hated lawful act to Allah is Talaq’
Hadith of ‘Anyone who prays forty consecutive Salahs in my Masjid…’
Hadith of ‘Any Du`a’ will not be answered except after invoking peace on…’
Hadith of ‘Allah loves the chaste poor man…’ and
Hadith of ‘When you see a man regularly frequenting the Masjid…’
The degree of authenticity of the Hadith that calls for passing the palms over one’s face after making Du`a’
Hadith of ‘I will teach you some words from which Allah will benefit you…’
The degree of authenticity of what was mentioned by Ibn Kathir that there is a prophet whose name is Hanzhalah ibn Safwan
Hadith of ‘Inclination could be a source of forgiveness…’ and ‘I destroy people by seducing them to commit sins, and they destroy me…’
Hadith of ‘When the ears of any of you buzz, let him remember me, invoke blessings upon me…’
Hadith of Khalid ibn Al-Walid that people quote frequently
Hadith of ‘Whoever performs Hajj without visiting me…’, ‘Whoever visits me after my death…’, and ‘Whoever visits me in Madinah seeking the reward from Allah…’
Hadith of ‘Whoever falls in love i.e. a man loves a woman or vice versa, and observes chastity hiding one’s love then dies, will die as a martyr.’
Hadith of ‘We are ordered to leave them in peace with their religions.’
Hadith of ‘O `Aly! Do not go to bed before you do certain things…’
The report that was ascribed to the Prophet, peace be upon him, that ‘Contracts are binding for both parties…’
Hadith of ‘A time will come when people’s main concern will be filling their bellies’
Whether the following sentences are Hadith, ‘Cleanliness is from Iman’, ‘Love for one’s country is from Iman’, and ‘Economy is half of subsistence’
Hadith of ‘Do not make water the last thing you eat.’ and ‘We rule according to what is apparent and Allah will judge upon the intention.’
Hadith of ‘Teach your children swimming, archery…’
Hadith of ‘If you shake hands with the Christians purify yourselves.’
Hadith of ‘Whoever neglects prayers…’
Hadith of ‘… I created you from the light of My face…’
Hadith of Tasbih prayer
Hadith of ‘O, My servant! Obey me and you will be a divine servant…’
Hadith of “Allah revealed to Dawud, ‘By My Supremacy, no servant holds firmly with Me Alone…'”
Hadith of ‘If a person makes a blind man cry, I will not intercede for them.’
Story of the delegation of Al-Azd to the Prophet, peace be upon him
Hadith of ‘When Allah created Jibril…’, and ‘A believer becomes clean of sins…’
Hadith of ‘When the Messenger of Allah saw a high-domed building…’
Hadith of ‘Whoever builds a house will be asked to carry it on the Day of Resurrection.’
Hadith of ‘If a Muslim builds a building that is higher than seven cubits…’
Hadith of ‘The scholars are the heirs of the Prophets…’

Ranks and meanings of these Hadith