Fatwa: Tahara


Fatwa – Tahara

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Performing the tayammum with the dust from the prayer mat Touching the private parts whilst in a state of wudhoo Wearing false teeth and making wudhoo The effect on one’s wudhoo after having touched someone of the opposite sex Making wudhoo whilst having a false (manufactured) foot Regarding a medical plaster when making wudhoo. or taking a ghusl Regarding the prescribed period for wiping (mas.h) over the socks (khuffayn) Passing of wind from the woman’s private part (vagina) The manner of purification and salaah for the sick The ruling concerning stating one’s intention A baby vomits on clothing If a woman washes her baby, is her ablution nullified? Ruling about the secretion that comes from a woman’s vagina Ruling concerning doubt with respect to ablution How does a woman wash herself after sexual defilement and menses The ruling concerning praying in a dress and thin translucent stockings Ruling concerning wiping over thin translucent socks A slight tear in socks is overlooked Ruling concerning vaginal discharge Kissing does not nullify ablution

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