Question and Answer session with Sheikh ‘Ubaid al Jabiree – Mustafa George DeBerry

Attached is the written form of a question and answer session with our beloved Sheikh ‘Ubaid and within it, I have mentioned an important clarity related to Shadeed Muhammad (may Allah rectify his affairs)

Ques. 1: How do we understand the affair of a Muslim who died upon Tawheed but he has purposely killed another Muslim? How can this person (murderer) leave the hellfire especially due to the fact that a severe punishment is mentioned in the Quran with the mentioning of the hellfire, and remaining in it, and the curse and anger of Allah upon such an individual? Please benefit us in this regard, may Allah reward you.

Ques. 2: If a Muslim falls into a sin or an innovation, is it mandatory that other Muslims advise him before abandoning his company?

Ques.3: How do we understand that some scholars praise an individual, but other scholars of the Sunnah warn against that same individual?

Ques.4: Is it mandatory that a student of knowledge holds a degree from an Islamic university or a recommendation from a scholar, if he wishes to teach the religion to the people?

Ques.5: What is your advice for a person who has been affected by the lessons and talks of Shadeed Muhammad, and he holds the opinion that he is upon the truth even if the esteemed scholars and well-known students of knowledge speak ill of and dispraise him, what is your advice for this person?

Ques.6: It has become apparent in our present times that many people have deviated from seeking knowledge and instead have become very much indulged in earning wealth. It’s possible that some of them were more diligent in seeking knowledge and performing righteous deeds before they came to Saudi Arabia, but after arriving, many of these individuals no longer attend the lessons of the scholars, nor do they seek knowledge. What are the reasons for this, and what are the remedies, may Allah preserve you?

Ques.7: Does the previously mentioned person move from being a student of knowledge to being classified as a general layman in order that the people are not mislead by his lack of knowledge?

Ques.8: How does a person combine between earning wealth to support his family, and seeking knowledge?

Ques.9: A female notices small or large amounts of blood one or two days before the coming of her normal menses. Then this blood stops for a period of a day or two, and then her menses comes and after some time she sees a sign of purity, or at times, she doesn’t see a sign of purity, but the bleeding stops. What should she do in this case?

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Question and Answer session with Sheikh Ubaid al Jabiree – Mustafa George [PDF]