Advice to Muslim Sisters Seeking Knowledge – Mustafa George [Audio|En]

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Brother began with Khutbatul Haaja

“We thank Allaah ‘Azzawajal for allowing us this opportunity to benefit one another with something from the book of Allah and his beloved messenger salAllahu alayhe wa salam. We ask Allaah ‘Azzaa wajall to benefit ourselves, family members and those around us, no doubt this type gathering or this type of event is something that is something tremendous and benefits are immense especially the fact this is mentioned by our Lord tabarak wata’ala where He says:

“Enjoin together in righteousness and piety and do not join together in sin and transgression..” (Surah Al-Maida 5:2)

This is from our Lord for believers , the followers of Muhammad to come together upon good and especially for the sisters to do so is taken from the sunnah of our beloved messenger, that which informs us women coming together for a purpose is found, in fact found in the sunnah

Sahl bin malik – abu saeeed al kudri RadiAllahu anhu – in the book of knowledge where he said:

“Women during time of prophet they said to the prophet said “Verily the men have taken over, so please give us a day that we can have with you..” The prophet promised a day that he would meet them in this particular day. Al hafid ibn rajab – he explained about this “Verily in this Hadith we have that which female companions were upon in their diligence in seeking knowledge..”

This is something legislated to seek a dependent time where they can benefit and their needs can be addressed in more detail.

Sheikh Zaid al-Madkhalee in his explanation in the book of knowledge in Sahih Bukhari (on that same hadith):

“In this Hadith it shows it is legislated that the women get a specific, independent time if the scholar has ability to do so and it is not befitting that the scholar in the society excuses himself from giving the woman their independent amount of time.”

No doubt that which the women have performed or intend of having their independent lessons this is something which is tremendous and its importance is immense, and we ask bi’idnilaahi ta’ala Allaah to reward those responsible for it by doing so because indeed they are implement sunnah of the prophet….”

May Allaah preserve our brother.

Dawatul Muminaat – Masjid As Sunnah Sisters conference  Jan 11th 2013