The Salafi Teacher Doesn’t Teach at Any and Every Masjid ! – By Sheikh Saleh bin Fowzan al Fowzan

Translation by: Mustafa George DeBerry

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Our beloved teacher, Sheikh Saleh bin Fowzan al Fowzan was asked the following question 2 weeks ago (12 Rabe’a ath Thani 1435h | 12 February 2014):

In England, we have some masajid (plural of masjid) which invite students of knowledge whom are upon the methodology of the Sunnah, for the purpose of teaching Tawheed or to give lectures on Tawheed. The following day (thereafter), the same masajid will invite a teacher whom follows the Sufi or Ash’aree methodology, and that person will teach their methodology to the people. Is it permissible for the Sunni caller/teacher to accept such an invitation and teach in these masajid?

The Sheikh responded:

No, this is not permissible. If these masajid merge (the teachings and lectures of) the Sunni teacher and an innovator or a deviant, it is not permissible for the Sunni teacher to accept this invitation. This is because, these masajid are actually using him as a disguise and they are covering themselves by way of him. They say (to the people): We teach Tawheed and we listen to lectures in Tawheed!

This action is not correct because it is a combination of truth and falsehood. The Sunni teacher can only accept the invitation after they agree to his condition. He must impose a condition upon them and inform them that he will only teach and deliver lectures, if they agree that they will not invite individuals whom are in opposition to what he is teaching and calling them to (of the truth).


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