Acting Upon Knowledge – Mustafa George [Short Clip|En]

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Scholars and Islamic Teachers Act Upon Their Knowledge

This is an extremely important characteristic which should be found in the individual who is in a position to teach the religion. He should be mindful that he has become an example for others to follow. With this being the case his statements and actions must be in accordance with what Islam legislates and encourages. This also demands that the teacher displays exemplary character, especially when in the presence of others.

Allaah – The Most High – mentioned in the Glorious Qur`an concerning Prophet Shua’ib (‘alaihi salaam):

I do not wish to oppose that which I call you to. (Surah Hud, ayah 88)

The famous companion Abu Darda (radiallaahu ‘anhu) said:

Indeed my greatest fear concerning standing on the Day of Judgment is that it will be said to me: You have learned, hence what have you done with your knowledge?!

(Jam’e Bayaan al ‘Elm wa Fadlihee #647)

Translated by: Mustafa George hafidhahullaah