After he urinates he has drops of urine come out (Urinary incontinence) – Answered by Shaykh Saalih al-Luhaydaan

Q.The individual is asking about drops of urine. After he urinates he has drops of urine come out.

A.The shaykh (HafithahullAllaahu ta’alaa) mentioned this breaks the wudhoo (ablution) and an individual should be diligent in performing wudhoo again.

The shaykh mentioned (HafithahuAllaahu ta’alaa) that if this is the norm, meaning that he usually has these drops after he urinates, so what a person should do in this case is… if he needs to urinate before he prays he does it early. He urinates early before he prays & then he makes his wudhoo. If he feels the drops before he prays then he makes the wudhoo again, as the norm is that drops of urine come after he urinates. The shaykh said before the time of prayer he should urinate and he should make wudhoo. If he feels the drops he should perform istinjaa (meaning clean himself again) & perform a new wudhoo in order that the drops of urine do not come out while he is praying.

However, if the case is that he has constant coming out of urination even if he has not gone to the bathroom then that person, the ruling is that he makes wudhoo once the time of prayer has entered and he prays his nawaafil before the salaah, the obligatory prayer and the nawaafil after the salaah even if his urination has come out. Why? Because this person has a sort of disease and if he wants to pray later on in the day for example he wants to pray the Asr thereafter or Dhuhr thereafter he would do the same thing. He would perform the wudhoo he would pray his sunnah prayers before the obligatory and after it. So that is what this person should do every time it’s time to pray a new prayer that individual should make wudhoo and pray even if the drops come out.

Shaykh Saalih Muhammad al-Luhaydaan (May Allaah preserve him) (Kitaab-ut-Tawheed Class Q&A Session 02.02.13 Riyadh). Translated by Mustafa George hafidhahullaah