Death of Shaykh Ahmed bin Yahya An-Najmi (rahimahu Allahu ta’ala) – Narrated by Mustafa George

..And when I came to Riyadh in 2007 you had a mountain, tremendous mountain of knowledge present and he was sick in Riyadh at that time; Shaykh Ahmed An-Najmi (2). Shaykh Ahmed bin Yahya An-Najmi (rahimahu Allahu ta’ala) he was sick in Riyadh at that time. And he was coming for eye surgery, something you know he felt and the doctors themselves felt was simple… simple surgery… and the Shaykh would return to good health and Shaykh Ahmad An-Najmi (hafidhahu Allahu Ta’ala) went to the hospital; King Fahad Medical City. He received his operation.

Then after that he was in a hotel, we visited him in the hotel. That was the time that I got the chance to ask about what people say about Shaykh Rabee’ (3) and Shaykh ‘Ubayd Al Jabiree (4) which is still the ‘kalam’ (speech) of some of the people. And I mentioned to the Shaykh I said: ‘Shaykh I see you.. you know… your health situation but I just have an important question’. He said: ‘tafadalu’, he said: ‘ask’. I said: ‘Ya Shaykh! People say that Shaykh Rabee’ and Shaykh ‘Ubayd Al Jabiree are not from the Kibaar Al ‘Ulama (Senior Scholars) but rather Luhaydan (5) and Fawzan (6) and Ghudayan (7) and the likes’. He said: ‘no doubt. Yes. Luhaydan, Ghudayan and Fawzan they are from amoungst our Shuyookh and they are from Kibaar Al ‘Ulama but that does not exclude Shaykh Rabee’ and Shaykh ‘Ubaid and others’.

So Shaykh Ahmad An-Najmi responded. He said: ‘this will not… this will not harm Rabee’ and it will not harm ‘Ubayd. The statement of these people will not harm Rabee’ and it will not harm ‘Ubayd. We hold them to be Ahl Al ‘Ulama… we hold them to be from the Kibaar Al ‘Ulama. We hold them to be…’ look at this mountain of knowledge, Shaykh Ahmad An-Najmi said, ‘we hold them to be from the Kibaar Al ‘Ulama and that statement from the people is from themselves.. it is from themselves’. That was in 2007.

Shaykh Ahmad An-Najmi (rahimahu Allahu ta’ala) after that time.. he returned to Al Jizaan and he came a week later for another operation. Shaykh Ahmad An-Najmi went into a coma, during the second operation. It would be a few days before he comes out of the coma. Something went wrong. ’qadar Allahu ma sha’a fa’l’(Allah decrees what he wants). Shaykh Ahmad An-Najmi lost the ability to speak. Shaykh Ahmad An-Najmi went in and out of the coma. Shaykh Ahmad An-Najmi stayed in Riyadh for close to a year.. for close to a year in the same hospital, in the same bed. We could no longer benefit from him, we could no longer ask him questions, we could no longer take from his… extended knowledge and understanding and wisdom. Shaykh Ahmad An-Najmi died. Rahimahu Allahu ta’ala.

Taken from the Friday lesson on Paltalk. ‘Sharh As-Sunnah’ of Imam Barbaharee. By Mustafa George. 24th Dhul Qa’dah 1430H 6th November 2009.

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