[Fatawa : Iman & Kufr]

Acts commensurate with Kufr

Ruling on cursing Allah’s Being

Types of Riddah

Cursing the Qur’an and Hadith Sahih

Words and phrases that take a person out of Islam

Mocking the bearded Muslims as a major sin leading to Riddah

Ruling on helping the apostates

Is denial a type of Kufr that takes a person out of Islam? What is the type of Kufr that takes a person out of Islam?

Can a person who say “La Ilah Illa Allah” be a disbeliever?

Is it permissible to profess Kufr due to coercion? What is the ruling on a person whose Ijtihad leads to denying one of the necessarily known religious matters

Declaring someone to be Kafir

Deeming Jews and Christians as Kafirs

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