Great Rewards and Benefits of knowing Allah’s Names and Attributes :

Meanings of Allaah’s Beautiful Names

Aayatul-Kursi (Shaykh Uthaymeen | Dr. Saleh as-Saleh)

Surah Al-Faatiha

Surah Al-Hashr

Principles regarding The  Names & Attributes of Allaah :

Explanations of Names of Allah:

Existence of Allaah

There is nothing like Allaah

Sovereignty of Allaah

Allaah is free from imperfections

Allaah is Self-Sufficient (As-Samad)

The Transcendence of Allaah & Ma’iyyah 

Allaah’s Descent

Seeing Allaah

All encompassing Knowledge of Allaah

Speech of Allaah

Justice of Allaah

Allaah’s will

Other Sifaat (attributes) and Actions of Allaah:

Respecting the Names of Allah


These are not the Names of Allaah

Book Study

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