Knowing Allaah – Dr Saleh as Saleh (rahimahullaah) [Audio|En]

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The greatest, most excellent “and most honorable knowledge is that of Allaah, Most High, His Names, Attributes, and Actions, the knowledge of His deen and of His Messenger (Peace be upon him) with love and magnification, being pleased with it all.” [9]

The ranks of people with respect to this knowledge varies to a great extent. “Some people know of Allaah by virtue of His Generosity, Bounties, and Favors, others know of Him through His Forgiveness, Clemency, and Pardoning, others through His Knowledge and Wisdom, others recognize Him by His Might and Majesty, others by His Mercy, Goodness, Kindness, and Courtesy, others by His Subduing and Sovereignty, and others by the fact that He answers their supplications, and fulfills their needs, and relieves their grief.

The one who is most comprehensive in his knowledge of Allaah, knows of Him by means of His own Words. He knows a Rabb to whom belongs the Most Majestic and Perfect Attributes. Far is He removed from having anything comparable to Him or any equal; free from all kinds of defects and imperfections; qualified with every beautiful Name and every perfect Attribute; Doer of what He intends (wills); Above everything [istawaa (ascended) upon the ‘arsh above the seven heavens] and with everything [He encompasses everything with His Knowledge, Ability, Authority, and so forth from the meanings of His ruboobiyyah, while He is the Most High, above everything]; the One who is Able to do everything; the One Who manages the affairs of everything. He commands and forbids. He speaks the legislative (deeniyyah ) [10] and universal (kawniyyah ) [11] words. He is Greater than everything, and He is the Most Beautiful. the Most Merciful, the All-Able, the All-Wise.

[9] Ibnul Qayyim. See Ftn.6, vol. 1, pp. 291-292.
[10] Deeniyyah: Pertrains to Allaah’s sharee’ah (Commands and Prohibitions of the Islaamic Code). It is also known as al-iraadah as-shar’iyyah (Allaah’s legislative Will).
[11] Kawniyyah: Relates to Allaah’s Will in His creation. Everything He Wills is certain to pass, and everything He Wills not to pass, will never occur. None is able to escape Allaah’s universal decree.

Source : Dr. Saleh as-Saleh (rahimahullah) introduction to the Shaikh ibn Uathymeen’s Tafseer Aayatil Kursi

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