Invitation to Islam

Video Courtesy : Yasin Abu Ibrahim

The purpose of life ?

  1. The Purpose of Creation & The Return to the Creator – Dr. Saleh As-Saleh
  2. “Who We Must Worship?” – Dr. Saleh Al-Saleh [Video|En] Must Watch!
  3. The True God is Allaah, And Man is Need of Him – Dr. Saleh As Saleh
  4. Who deserves to be Worshipped Alone? – Dr Saleh as Saleh
  5. Allaah created us and gave us provision and Did not Leave us without Purpose – Shaykh Fawzan | Dawud Burbank [Audio|En] & Notes

Oneness of God & Islam

  1. Why Allah sent Prophets and Messengers ?
  2. The Message of the Messengers
  3. Who Is Allah?
  4. A Mercy to all Mankind
  5. Knowing Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)
  6. Do you know this Book?
  7. What they say about Islam, the Qur’an and Muhammad
  8. A Call To The Non Muslim (About Islam) – by Abu Uwais [Video]

Misconception and Misinterpretations about Islam

  1. Islaam – Is it a religion of TERROR?
  2. The Status of Women before and after Islaam
  3. The Reality of Hijaab, The Muslim Woman’s Dress
  4. Why does Islam not prohibit slavery?
  5. Wisdom behind Prophet Muhammad’s marriages
  6. Wisdom behind deeming pork as unlawful to eat
  7. “Animal Tragic” – Islam And The Treatment Of Animals

Christianity & Jesus (Peace be upon him)

  1. What do the Muslims believe about Jesus the son of Mary? – Explained by Shaykh Uthaymeen
  2. Verily, the example of Jesus in the sight of Allaah is like the example of Adam – Shaykh Rabee
  3. The Creation of Jesus, his Birth and the First Miracle [Video|Ar-En]
  4. Biblical evidence of Jesus being a servant of God and having no share in Divinity
  5. The Status of Jesus in Islam
  6. Sincere Advice to Every Christian
  7. The truth about John (Yahya) the Baptist [Video|Ar-En]

Scientific Facts in Quran and Sunnah

  1. House Fly – One Wing Carrying Disease and the Other Carrying the Cure


  1. The claim that man descended from apes is false – Fatwas of Nur Ala Al-Darb
  2. Creation versus Evolution – Darwin’s Theory – Dr Saleh As Saleh
  3. Darwin’s Theory – By Dr Murtaza Baksh [Video Urdu|English]
  4. Secularity, reality and danger

Convert Stories

  1. The Search for the Truth by a Man Known as Salman the Persian
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