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Dunya, Death & Hereafter

Nature of Dunya

  1. This worldly life is like an unchaste woman – Ibn al Qayyim
  2. This world is more insignificant in the eye of Allah as dead lamb – Sahih Muslim
  3. Seeking status through authority, leadership & wealth is very dangerous – Imam Ibn Rajab
  4. Craving For Wealth and Status – by Imam Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali
  5. The Life of this World is Fleeting Enjoyment – by Ibn Kathir
  6. Be in this Life as if you were a Stranger or a Traveller on a Path – al-Hâfidh Ibn Rajab Hanabali
  7. Readings from “The Reality Of The Dunya & The Reality Of Death” By Shaykh Rslan [Mp3|En] [Inspirational]
  8. The Last Drops of this World – Sayings of the Salaf
  9. The Dunya Vs. The Akhirah – Abu Muhammad al Maghribee [Audio|En]
  10. Some Narrations about the Reality of Zuhd & Dispraise of the Dunyaa – Abbas Abu Yahya
  11. What are we here for – by Abu Uwais Abdullah Alee [Audio|En]
  12. Tafseer Surah At Takaathur – by Dr. Saleh As-Saleh [Audio|En]
  13. Dealing With The Reality Of The Dunya! – Abu Uwais Abdullah Ahmad [Audio|En]
  14. The Real Meaning of Zuhd (Not having a love for the Dunyaa) – Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih al-Uthaymeen


  1. None of you should die Except while he is having good thoughts about Allah – Imam Nawawī’s & al-Manāwī
  2. Readings from “The Reality Of The Dunya & The Reality Of Death” By Shaykh Muhammad Sa’eed Rslan” [Mp3|En] [Inspirational]
  3. The Believer and Disbeliever at the Time of Death – by Shaik Nasiruddin Albanee
  4. The Two Resurrections After Death – Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree [Audio|Ar-En]
  5. Abomination of longing for Death – Riyad as-Saliheen
  6. Wishing for Death : “I have faced so many hardships in my life that it has made me hate this life..” – Shaykh Uthaymeen
  7. Remembrance of Death and Restraint of Wishes – Riyad ul Saliheen
  8. The Death of the Prophet – From Ar-Raheeq al-Makhtoom
  9. Helping a dying Person to Pronounce ‘La Ilaha Illahllah’ – Riyad ul Saliheen
  10. Supplication to be made soon after a Person’s Death – Riyad ul Saliheen
  11. Good Words to be Uttered before a dying Person and his Family – Riyad ul Saliheen
  12. The Ruling of crying and wailing over a Dead Person – Riyad ul Saliheen
  13. Prohibition of Disclosing the Physical defects of the Deceased – Riyad ul Saliheen
  14. What is the Ruling of Reciting the Qur’aan for the Deceased in his House? – Bin Baz
  15. Having Good Thoughts About Allah – Shaykh ‘Abdur Razzaaq Ibn ‘Abdul Muhsin | Dawud Adib
  16. Why the deceased person is punished (in the grave) due to the crying of his family for him? – Shaykh al Albaani
  17. Etiquette with Dying Person and After Death – Dr. Saleh As-Saleh [Audio|En]

Janazah / Funeral

  1. Funerals – Al-Janaa’iz – Sahih Bukhari
  2. Description of the Funeral Prayer – by Shaykh ‘Abd al-‘Azeez ibn Baaz
  3. The Prohibition of Burying People in Houses – Shaykh Al-Albaani
  4. Following the Funeral, and Matters relating to Illness and Death – Riyad-as-Saliheen
  5. Participation in Funeral Prayer and Procession and the dislike of Women Participating in the Funeral Procession – Riyad-as-Saliheen
  6. Excellence of Participation in Funeral Prayers in Large Numbers and Formation of Three Rows or More – Riyad-as-Saliheen
  7. Supplications in Funeral Prayers – Riyad-as-Saliheen
  8. Haste in Burial – Riyad-as-Saliheen
  9. About Speedy Repayment of the Debts of a Deceased Person and Preparation of Burial – Riyad-as-Saliheen
  10. Admonition beside the Grave – Riyad-as-Saliheen
  11. Supplication for the Deceased after his Burial – Riyad-as-Saliheen
  12. Charity on behalf of the Deceased and Praying for him – Riyad-as-Saliheen
  13. Praising the Deceased – Riyad-as-Saliheen
  14. Superiority of one who is Bereaved of his Infants – Riyad-as-Saliheen
  15. Rulings of Janaazah (Funeral): Al-Mulakhas al-Fiqhi – Sheikh Fawzaan: Abu Muhammad al-Maghribee [Audio|En]
  16.  How to Perform Funeral/Janazah Salah – Shaykh ibn Uthaymeen [Video]

Visiting the Graves

  1. Desirability of visiting the Graves for men, and that they should say – Riyad ul Saliheen
  2. Points of Benefit Regarding Visiting the Graves – Dr. Saleh As-Saleh
  3. Weeping while Passing by the Graves of the Infidals – Riyad as Saliheen
  4. Making The Graves Into Roads, Playing Fields And Car Parks – By Shaykh Ahmed al-Wasaabee
  5. Visiting some of the graves of those who are called great men from amongst the kuffar – Shaykh al Albaani

Benefiting the Dead

  1. What can be done on behalf of the deceased – ‘Invitation to Islam’ Newsletter, Issue 5, Oct 1998
  2. What is the Ruling of Reciting the Qur’aan for the Deceased in his House? – Shaykh Ibn Baz

Signs of the Hour

  1. Major Signs Before the Day of Judgement – Imaam Muhammad bin Saalih Al-‘Uthaimeen
  2. Dajjal and Portents of the Hour – Riyad ul Saliheen
  3. The Hadith Pertaining to the Spy of the Dajjal – Hadith from Sahih Muslim
  4. Dajjaal – Knowing the False Messaiah – by Abu az-Zubayr Harrison [eBook]
  5. Afflictions and the End of the World – Sahih Bukhari
  6. Turmoil and Portents of the Last Hour – Sahih Muslim
  7. Minor Signs Of The Day Of Judgement – Dawood Adeeb [Audio|En]


  1. The Resurrection – A Summary of Events to Occur – Shaikh al-Uthaymeen
  2. Tafsir Ibn Kathir of 075 Al-Qiyamah
  3. Three Categories of People on the Day of Resurrection – Tafseer Ibn Kathir : 56. Al-Waqi’ah
  4. The Hawd (Pool) and the Intercession on the Day of Resurrection : Sharhu Sunnah Barbaharee
  5. Are There People in Paradise or the Fire Now? – Al-Albaani
  6. The Hawd (the Lake) with which Allaah will honour Muhammad as a relief for his Ummah is true – Dawud Burbank [Audio|En]
  7. The Intercession (ash-shafaa’ah) which Allaah has stored up for them is something TRUE – Dawud Burbank [Audio|En]

The Herafter : The Life After Death

  1. The Nature and Essence of the Human Soul – Abu Bilal Mustafa al-Kanadi
  2. The Connection of the Soul to the Body – by Imâm Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah
  3. Description of the Day of Judgement, Paradise and Hell – Sahih Muslim
  4. Preparing for the Hereafter is Obligatory – Abu Muhammad al Maghribee [Audio|En]
  5. The Categories of People in the Hereafter with respect to Good Deeds and Bad Deeds – Dr Saleh As Saleh [Audio Benefit|En]

Grave (Barzaka)

  1. Punishment in the Grave : Accept it But Do not Believe in it? Shaykh al-Albaani
  2. “The Grave Mistake” – The Punishment of the Grave – Al-Ibaanah Magazine
  3. Making The Graves Into Roads, Playing Fields And Car Parks – Shaykh Muhammad Al-Wassabi

Hell Fire (Jahannam)

  1. Passing over the Siraat (the Bridge) Over the Hell Fire in the Hereafter – Sharhu Sunnah
  2. Worst punishment for the sinners or the Innovators? – Shaykh Salih Fawzaan

Paradise (Jannah)

  1. The inheritance of Paradise – Shaykh al-Albaani (rahimahullaah)
  2. No poverty after Paradise, and no Riches after the Fire – Sayings of the Salaf
  3. Story of a person of People of Paradise – Musnad of Ahmad
  4. Who Shall Inherit Firdaws – 1-10 verses of Al-Momin Surah – Tafsir Ibn Kathir
  5. Paradise, Its Description, Its Bounties and Its Intimates – Sahih Muslim
  6. The Gates of Paradise, Descriptions of Paradise From The Qur’aan and Hadeeth – Dr.Abdullah al-Shimemeri
  7. Some of the Bounties Allâh has Prepared for the Believers in Paradise – Riyâdh as-Sâlihîn
  8. The Yearning of the Pious for Paradise – from Al-Istiqaamah News Letter
  9. Anyone who possesses a speck of Pride in his heart will not enter Paradise – by Shaikh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah
  10. The Language of the People of Paradise – By Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taymeeyah
  11. The 70,000 That Will Enter Jannah Without Reckoning – Shaykh Usamah al-Utaybi [Audio|Ar-En]
  12. The Path that Leads to Jannah – Abu Muhammad al-Maghribee [Mp3|En]
  13. A Way to Jannah – Sahih Bukhari
  14. From the Gardens of Paradise – Shaykh al-Albaani
  15. How do we understand the statement “he will enter into paradise, even if he has never done any good” –  Shaykh Saleh al-Luhaydaan [Video|Ar-En Subtitles]
  16. Belief in the Paradise and Hellfire – Abu Muhammad al-Maghribee [Mp3|En]