Al-Jahmiyyah ( الجهمية)

Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan said:

Jahmiyyah are the followers of Al-Jahm ibn Safwaan who propagated the foul saying that the Qur’aan is a created thing and who openly proclaimed negation of the names of Allaah and His attributes and he had the saying of Al-Irjaa` (taking actions out of eemaan) and he had a foul madhhab (path).

So his followers are called the Jahmiyyah as an ascription to al-Jahm. And from the worst, most ugly of their sayings is the saying that the Qur’aan is a created thing and denying the names and attributes of Allaah, the Perfect and Most High, and distorting the speech of Allaah and the speech of His Messenger with falsehood; explaining it and distorting it with falsehood. So they (Jahmiyyah) are the most dangerous of the sects and the most ugly of the sects. (Source)

Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen (rahimahullaah) said:

Al-Jahmiyyah – They attribute themselves to Al-Jahm bin Safwaan who was killed by Saalim or Salim bin Ahwaz in the year 121H. Their views concerning the Attributes of Allaah are composed of ta’teel (denial) and nafee (negation). Concerning Al-Qadar, they hold the opinion that mankind is coerced to do deeds (al-jabr).

Their view concerning Eemaan is that of Irjaa, which means that they believe Eemaan is merely the confirmation of the heart, and that statements and actions are not part of Eemaan. So according to them, someone who commits a major sin is a believer with complete Eemaan (i.e. Eemaan does not increase or decrease). So they are the Mu’atazilah, Jabariyyah and Murji’ah all in one and they are divided into many sects. [Source]

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