Fatwa: Women

Fatwa – Marriage

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Seeking abortion due to inability to look after additional children The rights of the child who dies after birth Preventing a pregnancy during the beginning (stages) of a marriage Knowing what is in the womb A man assisting a woman during the birth process Taking a ghusl even if ejaculation did not occur Taking a ghusl after sexual intercourse or after ejaculation without sexual intercourse The junub making wudhoo. before going to sleep Ruling concerning birth control One can only practice coitus interruptus with the permission of the wife He is impotent and wants to get married without mentioning anything about it Entering upon the wife on the night of the wedding Husband having sexual intercourse with his pregnant wife Sexual talk between the husband and wife over the telephone The limits for a man seeking pleasure with his wife’s body Husband demands wife perform oral sex on him Husband calls his wife to bed, but she is ill and unable to respond to his call Having sexual intercourse with the wife whilst she is pregnant The husband entering his wife’s vagina from behind My husband sucks my breasts like a baby Husband and wife looking at each others bodies Had a wet dream and then had sexual intercourse with my wife Ruling concerning anal intercourse Psychological conditions may allow a wife to prevent her husband Wife says “divorce me”, and her husband says: “OK” Wishes to get married again but the Islaamic centre does not recognise her divorce paper He threatened to take my son away from me if I go back home Wife seeks divorce due to husband’s premature ejaculation Husband divorced his wife without informing her Pronouncing divorce whilst intoxicated Divorcing the fourth wife and marrying another Permissibility of talaaq Pronouncing divorce whilst in a state of anger Divorcing a pregnant woman Intending divorce without verbally pronouncing it Intention itself is not sufficient to divorce Told my wife: “I do not want you” Pronounced divorce upon my wife once in front of a judge Wagering a bet to divorce his wife if he does not marry within a specified period of time What to say when taking back a wife (after having pronounced divorce upon her) Husband does not pray nor fast and is suspicious of me Husband jokingly says to his wife: “You are divorced!” Husband permits ajnabee men to freely enter house My wife persists in smoking cigarettes The ruling concerning the valid reasons for divorce Impotence permits one to seek a divorce Ruling concerning divorcing a menstruating woman and its legal effect Pronouncing divorce upon the wife three times Exchanging photographs (for the purpose of marriage) via the internet Proposing marriage to a woman whose father works for a ribaa-based bank The responsibility of the Walee (guardian) Looking at other than the face and hands of the woman he wishes to propose to The appropriate age for marriage Marriage comes first The young lady is not to be forced to marry a man she does not want to marry A religious young man proposed to me but my mother refused If someone is known not to perform the prayers in congregation, one should not marry him Ruling concerning a Christian man marrying a Muslim woman The condition that has the most right to be fulfilled Marriage from distant or non-relatives is preferred Marriage with the intention of divorcing after a period of time Choosing a husband Relations before marriage Ruling concerning remaining with a husband who does not pray No limit to what may be seen Ruling concerning a young lady who refuses marriage in order to finish her studies The adulterer wishes to marry his adultress The marriage with the greatest blessings is that with the lesser financial burden Ruling concerning a woman looking at men Prohibition of shaking hands with a non-related woman Giving the wife a gift on the occasion of the wedding anniversary Time allocation between wives if hajar (temporary boycot) has been made of one of them Time allocation between wives on the day of ‘Eed Women who discuss private marital matters with others Husband prevents wife from going to her parent’s house My husband is not concerned with me at all My husband does not treat me in a good and proper fashion My husband curses and abuses me A woman takes money from her husband without his knowledge Obedience is in what is right and good If a woman advised her husband My husband is addicted to smoking Concerning polygamy There is no contradiction in the verses regarding polygamy The occurrence of “mal’abah” at weddings Leaving a wedding if munkar (evil) actions start Ruling concerning having wedding parties in hotels Ruling concerning women attending wedding and birthday parties which have objectionable aspects The dower is the right of the woman Is the marriage contracting valid if the woman is menstruating? Apostate leaves Christian husband and now wishes to marry a Muslim A woman has a boyfriend and then enters Islaam Abstaining from getting married again after the death of her husband The ruling regarding marriage Wife dies and husband now wants to marry her sister Advice to “old maids” The son is for the second husband and the missing husband has the right of option

Fatwa – Women

The ruling regarding cutting the hair from behind or cutting it in the Princess Diana style The ruling regarding cutting the hair short to reduce falling out The ruling regarding hair extensions A woman removing facial hair and hair from the legs and arms Women shortening their hair out of necessity Ruling concerning a woman cutting her hair Ruling concerning wearing wigs Ruling concerning wearing a wig Ruling concerning wearing anklets Ruling concerning circular shaped gold jewellery Wearing coloured contact lenses Ruling concerning shortening eyebrows, letting fingernails grow long and using nail polish Ruling concerning women using incense when they are going to the mosque Breast feeding after menopause is treated the same as breast feeding in earlier years Ruling concerning high-heeled shoes Short dresses for young children Looking at the opposite sex on television Dressing young girls in trousers Shaking hands with female relatives Ruling concerning a woman uncovering her face in front of her husband’s relatives and a boy sleeping with his mother or sister Ruling concerning ridiculing a woman who wears the proper hijaab and covers her face The hijaab of a young girl The hijaab of an elderly woman The hijaab of a female servant Ruling concerning wearing hijaab in the presence of the son-in-law A Muslim woman uncovering her hair in front of non-Muslim women Fear and obey Allaah as much as you are able The Islaamic hijaab Removing the head covering The Muslim women of that land must not obey its rulers A Muslim woman does not wear hijaab in front of non-Muslim women Women going out shopping Extending the salaam to the opposite sex in general Shaking hands with women who one is not mahram to A woman travelling by airplane without a mahram It is not allowed for a woman to shake the hand of a non-mahram man Ruling concerning a woman riding with a non-mahram chauffeur A woman does not act as a mahram for another woman The great uncles are mahram The menstruating woman entering the masjid Eating from the hand of a menstruating woman Stopped performing her salaah believing her menses had started Using pills that prevent menstruation Discontinuation of bleeding during the menses Drops of blood after making ghusl If a woman ends her menses before sunset, she must perform the Zhuhr and ‘Asr prayers The menstruating woman keeping herself clean from urine Getting her menses while she is in the masjid Is it permissible for a menstruating woman to recite the Qur.aan and books of supplications? Ruling concerning a miscarriage Ruling concerning a discharge of blood five days before giving birth If the menses continue for more than their normal length If a woman has a miscarriage in the third month of her pregnancy Prayer of a menstruating woman What must the mourning widow abide by? Ruling concerning wearing a watch during the mourning period What is the mourning period of the pregnant widow? Does the elderly woman mourn and what is the ruling concerning that? May a student whose husband dies continue her studies during her mourning period? If a woman’s husband dies after the marriage contract but before consumation, she must still observe the waiting-mourning period Which is better for the woman, to pray in her house or pray in al-Masjid al-Haraam (Makkah)?