Hadeeth al-Qudsi is the speech of Allaah in wording and meaning – Fatwas of Nur Ala Al-Darb

Hadith Qudsy: Allah’s uncreated Words

Q: Are the Hadith Qudsy (Revelation from Allah in the Prophet’s words) not created for being the Words of Allah?

A: Yes, the Hadith Qudsy are Allah’s Words that are not created, they are similar to the Qur’an such as Allah’s Saying (Glorified and Exalted be He) in respect of what the Prophet (peace be upon him) narrated from Him (Glorified be He): “O My slaves, I have forbidden Zhulm (injustice) to Myself and made it forbidden amongst you, so do not wrong one another. O My slaves all of you are misguided except those whom I guide, so ask Me for guidance, and I will guide you”. In addition to other authentic Hadith Qudsy which are all the Words of Allah.

Source : alifta.net

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