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What is the ruling on pictures ? What is the ruling on the whom photographs and on whom is photographed ?

Indeed this is a brief question, so do you want a brief answer ?

As so long we understand.

This requires a lecture, Baaraak Allaahu Feek

I also have three previous questions from a different questioner.

Be patient, I shall also try to make the answer as brief as possible in imitation to your brief question.

Jazaak Allaah Khriaan, Shaykh

As for, in regards to the photographer. Then his account falls upon two Hadiths.

  1. Allaah Has damned the picture takers (photographers). It will be said to them “bring life to what you have created”.
  2. The second and last Hadith. It will be said on the Day of Resurrection, to whom ever makes a picture, blow into it its soul, and he will not be able too.

As for the ones that use pictures. They are on upon two states.

The first state which is the general.

  • That it is impermissible to use pictures, in all of its different shapes and forms, especially the animates that have souls.
  • As for what I entirely stated, whether they are handcrafted, photographic, and video graphic.
  • All of these pictures, the Muslim is not permitted to use them.
  • This is the first and general state.

The second state.

As for the pictures that the Muslim is forced to use falls under certain circumstances and these circumstances have different aspects.

As in regards to the general state of the people. Pictures for IDs, passports, and the likes of this.

The circumstance of specialization, like for the medical field.

For example, they may be forced to take pictures of a person to diagnose his disease – for example.

And taking pictures for the government to identify certain groups of individuals that are known to commit crimes such as theft, looting, and other negative actions or the likes of this.

Taking these pictures as a means to eliminate crime.

So using these type of pictures are permitted. Otherwise, it is not permitted.

Pictures are forbidden because it forbids the Angels to enter. As you are all aware from the Sahih Hadith, “The Angels don’t enter a house that has a picture or a dog in it”.

And I -from the favors of Allaah عز وجل- I see in front of me some pictures which I have observed to be not from the ones that are forbidden, because it seems to me that they don’t have images of animates that have souls.

Rather it portrays nature and the likes of this.

If a Muslim has the desire to make pictures, as what they call it now a days, art. Then his art has to be in according what Allaah made permissible and they are not animates that have souls.

This is what the time permits on the brief speech pertaining to this.

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