I take the truth/good and leave the false/bad: No such thing!!!

Bismi Allaahi RaHman ir RaHeem

Sheikh ‘Alee arRamlee hafidahu Allaah explains:

Somebody says:

“I will only take from him [i.e. somebody that somehow differs with the salaf] his words that are truth and leave the falsehood”

Sheikh answers: “It is not permissible for you to do that

Q: “Why not?”


“Because your situation will not fail to be one of two possible cases: either you are a student of the religion and you can distinguish truth from falsehood or you are not able to distinguish truth from falsehood and the latter is the situation of most people.

If you are unable to distinguish then there is not point in asking your question, but if you are able to distinguish then still you are not able to assure that your heart will not be overcome with doubts, and this is a matter of religion, no playing games is allowed, besides the truth you would take from him [i.e. the one that somehow opposed the salaf] you can take from others that are trustworthy”

And then Sheikh ar Ramlee goes on to remind the stories of some of the greatest scholars in the first generations that would not allow themselves, or their families, to listen to even a verse of the qur’an recited by a caller to innovation. Like the example of Ibn Tawus, Abu Kulabah as well as the example of Muhammad ibn Sirin. Then the Shaikh refutes many other common excuses like “but he has sincerity and piety” or “isnt this ghiba?”

For the original in Arabic please visit: http://www.albaidha.net/vb/archive/index.php/t-13335.html

Related to this is “Repenting to mistakes in Manhaj” by sheikh Rabee’ (hafidahu Allaah) which highlights the seriousness of opposing the way of the salaf (includes link to arabic original) with examples of the prophet sala Allaahu ‘aleihi wa salaam and the sahaba:

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