Having Correct Understanding And Good Intention Is The Greatest Blessing – Al Imaam Ibnu Qayyim il Jawziyyah

Al Imaam Ibnu Qayyim il Jawziyyah said:

“Correct understanding and good intention are from the greatest of Allah’s favors by which he blesses His slave. Much rather, after Islam, He has not bestowed a slave with anything more virtuous or majestic than the two of them. Much rather they are the two legs of Islam, it stands upon the both of them and by them the slave is spared from the path of those whom divine anger is upon- those whose intent was corrupt- and the path of the astray ones whose understanding was corrupted. He becomes from those whom divine favor is upon- whose understandings and intentions are good, and they are the adherents of the straight path whom we are ordered in every prayer to ask Allah to guide us to their path.

Correct understanding is a light that Allah casts into the slave’s heart to distinguish between that which is correctness and corruption, truth and falsehood, guidance and misguidance, error and right approach. It is supplied by good intent, being adamant for the truth, having taqwa of A-Rabb inwardly and outwardly. Its supply is severed by following desires, preferring the dunya, desiring the praise of creation and abandoning taqwa.”

I’laam Al Muwaqi’een

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