Calling people ‘Madkhalis’ and ‘Jamis’ | Al-‘Allâmah Ubayd al-Jâbirî [Video|Ar-En Subtitles]

Video Courtesy: DawahSalafiyaah


“And this is the eight question, may Allah preserve you, asking: There are some people in our country who revile Shaykh Rabee’ and call the Salafees, Madkhalees and Jaamees. How do we respond to that?”

Al-‘Allâmah Ubayd al-Jâbirî:

“Firstly, it is not strange that the people of innovation revile the callers to the sunnah and its scholars, this is from old, from the time bid’ah started, the mocking of the callers of Ahlu sunnah was present then, so do not be amazed, so if you hear the one who reviles a scholar from the scholars of Ahlu sunnah, whether it’s Shaykh Rabee’ or other than him – the scholars who are known for the sunnah and calling to it. This is a sign that he is an innovator. So turn a page away from him and lift your hands from him and separate yourselves from him, there is no problem in advising him as he may have been deceived about it. If he takes the advice and leaves that off, and shows love for the scholars of the sunnah – then he is from us and we are from him. And if he does not accept the advice, then he is an astray innovator. Yes. And do not busy yourselves with him.”


A question we asked Shaikh Ubayd on Yawm al-Jumuah the 9th of Shawwal 1434 A.H. corresponding to Friday the 16th of August 2013.

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