Laying the Foundations for Seeking Knowledge : Shaikh Muhammad Baazmool

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About the Book:

This book is a complete translation of the booklet “At-Ta’seel fee Talab-il-‘Ilm” (Laying the Foundations for Seeking Knowledge). The source used for this translation was the Dar-ul-Imaam Ahmad 1st edition, 2005.

Originally, this treatise was a lecture the Shaikh once gave in a masjid. The talk was then transcribed and published as a book.

In this treatise, Shaikh Muhammad Baazmool discusses in detail nine fundamental principles with regard to seeking knowledge, which he puts together and backs up with proofs and evidences. Consequently, the treatise is divided into nine chapters and an introduction.

This topic is extremely important since every Muslim is obligated to seek knowledge at one point in his life or another be it to implement the Islamic laws that are binding on him or to learn the fundamentals of his faith. So he must know that seeking knowledge has manners, etiquettes and guidelines, some of which have been touched upon by the author in this treatise.

Excerpts from the Book:

“The supportive sciences, or what some scholars commonly call ‘The applied sciences’, such as the Arabic Language, the Science of Eloquence, the Science of Principles, Hadeeth Terminology, and the Sciences of the Qur’aan – a student of knowledge should acquire from these that which will enable him to actualize the primary objective, which is to properly worship Allaah – the reason for which we were created. And if this is not the case, then it falls under the realm of being from the extravagant forms of knowledge, and Allaah knows best. So it is not required from a student of knowledge studying Grammar that he becomes like Seebawaih, nor from one studying the Arabic Language that he becomes like Al-Khaleel and Al-Azharee, nor from one studying the Science of Eloquence that he becomes like Al-Jirjaanee!! Rather, it is sufficient for him to only learn from all of that what he needs to properly understand the Book and the Sunnah and to implement what Allaah has obligated upon him from worship.”

“The Devil enters into the hearts of some people desiring to turn them away from knowledge based on the argument that one should leave off seeking knowledge until he first purifies his intention. This is a plot, scheme and deception of the Devil. Rather, it is upon a Muslim to continue and persevere in his search for knowledge, and to constantly re-evaluate his intention, as Sufyaan Ath-Thawree said: ‘I did not try to rectify anything that was more difficult upon me than my intention.’ And this is Sufyaan we are talking about, so it applies even more so for those other than him!! Therefore, one should not make this into something that diverts him away from seeking knowledge.”

“Disregarding the ahaadeeth and narrations of the Salaf while relying on just the language and intellect to understand the Qur’aan and Hadeeth is a method that has been embarked upon in recent times by the Orientalists. So when they need to research a narration, they simply quote from the books of Al-Jaahidh or from the book al-Aghaanee or from al-‘Aqd-ul-Fareed. And if quoting becomes hard on them, they just say: ‘This conforms to the intellect!’ Contrary to this, a Muslim who follows what the Prophet and his Companions were upon confines his comprehension and understanding of the Glorious Qur’aan and Prophetic Sunnah to conform to the understanding of the Companions, may Allaah be pleased with them, and doesn’t leave from their fold.”

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The following short articles are extracted from this eBook:

1st Foundation:
The Difference between Obligatory Knowledge and Recommended Knowledge
– Shaykh Muhammad Baazmool on

2nd Foundation:
The “Knowledge” that is Mentioned in The Ayaat And The Ahaadeeth is Knowledge of The Religion
– Shaykh Muhammad Baazmool

3rd Foundation:
Sincerity in seeking knowledge is a condition that is continuous and not just preliminary
– Shaykh Muhammad Baazmool

4th Foundation:
Knowledge means: The statements of Allaah & His Messenger & the statements of the Sahaabah (Companions), along with ijmaa and Qiyaas
– Shaikh Muhammad Bazmool

5th Foundation:
The Scholars are the Inheritors of the Prophets
– Shaykh Muhammad Bazmool

6th Foundation:
Obstacles in the Path of Seeking Knowledge
– Shaikh Muhammad ‘Umar Bazmool

7th Foundation:
The Ways of Maintaining Knowledge
– Shaikh Muhammad ‘Umar Bazmool

9th Foundation:
The Categorization of People with Regard to Knowledge
– Shaikh Muhammad ‘Umar Bazmool

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