Advice to the Muslim Woman : Shaykh Fawzaan

Shaikh Saalih bin Fawzaan Al-Fawzaan

Advice to the Muslim Woman – Download PDF

About the Book:

This book is a complete translation of a transcribed lecture from Shaikh Saalih Al-Fawzaan entitled: Naseehah Lil-Mar’at-il-Muslimah (Advice to the Muslim Woman). The source used for this translation was the book Muhaadaraat fil-‘Aqeedah wad-Da’wah, a large compilation of over 25 transcribed lectures from Shaikh Saalih Al-Fawzaan on issues of Creed and Methodology (vol. 3, pg. 281-299, Markaz Fajr, 2003 Edition)

In this particular lecture, Shaikh Saalih Al-Fawzaan covers many important topics related to women, such as veiling, being in privacy with male-strangers, traveling without a mahram and other things that are critical for a Muslim woman to understand and implement.

This treatise will be included as the fourth essay in the forthcoming second publication of the veiling book published by Al-Ibaanah Book Publishing, which will be entitled “Four Essays on the Obligation of Veiling” by the Will of Allaah. May Allaah facilitate its publication.

Excerpts from the Book:

“Both a man and a woman must cover their private parts with ample coverings, since this preserves morals. As for shamelessness and nudity, these are things that lead to the corruption of morality, the loss of honor, and the spreading of lewdness. But when the private parts are concealed with the covering that Allaah has instructed the men and women to abide by, this protects the private parts from fornication and homosexuality and it protects the private parts from the unlawful things that Allaah has prohibited.”

“Allaah ordered that the women be asked from behind a Hijaab. What is meant by the word Hijaab is: Anything that covers a woman whether a garment, a wall, a door or any other object that can be used to screen a woman from a man when he is talking to her or asking her about something or handing her something. All of these should be done from behind a Hijaab, i.e. from behind a screen or covering. So he should not make any contact with her while she is unscreened or lacking covering and exposed. Rather, she must be behind a screen that covers her, regardless if it is her garment, her door, a wall or so on. This is since this is ‘purer for your hearts and their hearts’ from temptation. If women screen themselves by way of a Hijaab and the gaze of men does not fall upon them, the hearts of both the men and women will be saved from temptation and enticement. This is clearly visible in the Muslim societies that strictly adhere to the Hijaab.”

“As for what we hear about today from some ignoramuses that a husband’s brother, paternal uncle or other male relative can greet his wife, shake her hand, be alone with her and enter into her presence – this is baseless. It is not permissible for a non-mahram to enter into the presence of a woman (without Hijaab), nor to shake her hand, nor to be alone in privacy with her unless there is someone else in the house through which the privacy will be removed. But as for him entering into a house that has no one in it but her, and he is not one of her mahaarim, then this is the forbidden type of privacy and it is dangerous.”

If a woman has a need to speak to a man that is not one of her mahaarim, she may speak to him, but with a casual tone that has no softness or gentleness in it and not in a joking or laughing manner. Rather, her speech must be ordinary and in accordance with what necessity dictates – i.e. a question and an answer – as per the need only. She must not speak in a tone that appears friendly, laughing or teasing, or in a mellow or beautified voice, thus stirring the desires of the one who has a disease in his heart. This is based on Allaah’s saying: ‘But rather speak in an honorable manner.’ [Surah Al-Ahzaab: 32]”

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