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As Salam Alikum Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Brothers and Sisters are informed that the messages posted will be in accordance with Al-Islam as taught by As-Salaf As-Saalih, making efforts to avoid bida (innovations) in the deen. Messages will be in accordance with Al-Islam… NOT Nation, Sufi, Shia, blind adherence to an Imam, or any other deviant sect or group.
The Main purpose behind the creation of this group is:

  • Enrich our knowledge in Islam thorough mail (Especially  for Brothers / Sisters, who can read e-mail daily / once in two days)
  • I will post 1or 2 posts /day , Insha Allah

“If Allah wants to favor someone, He grants him comprehension (understanding) of this religion.” [Sahih Bukhari vol.1 # 71, Tirmidhi and Musnad Ahmad]

“It is only those who have knowledge amongst His slaves that fear Allah.” [Soorah Al-Fatir (35): 28]
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