Story of a Beautiful woman in Makkah – Shaikh Zayd Al-Madkhalee

As for the story that contains admonition and reflection in it, then it is that which is reported in the biography of ‘Ubayd bin ‘Ameer Al-Makkee in the “Thiqaat” of Al-‘Ijlee, who said: “There used to be a beautiful woman in Makkah who was married. One day she looked at herself in the mirror and said to her husband: ‘Do you think there is anyone that can look at this face and not be enticed by it?’ He said: ‘Yes.’ So she enquired: ‘Who?’ He said: ”Ubayd bin ‘Ameer.’ So she said: ‘Grant me permission so that I may go entice him.’ He said: ‘I give you permission.’ So she went to see him and asked him for a fatwa (religious verdict). So he went with her to a part of Al-Masjid AlHaraam and sat in privacy with her. Then she uncovered her face, so that it looked like half of a moon. So he said to her: ‘O slave of Allaah, fear Allaah!'”

The author of Al-Hilyah mentioned this story from “Ath-Thiqaat” of Al-‘Ijlee in his biography of ‘Ubayd bin ‘Ameer Al-Makkee. Al-Albaanee also mentioned it in his book on Hijaab using it as a proof for the niqaab (face-veil).

The point of benefit that we can derive from this great noble scholar’s rebuking of that woman when she uncovered her face in front of him is that: The Taabi’een used to hold that a woman uncovering herself by unveiling her face in front of male strangers was a serious crime, which needed to be changed and great efforts needed to be made to terminate it. In fact, the matter should be this way, for indeed a person that looks at a woman’s face and hands, i.e. a woman he is prohibited from looking at, is enjoying the area of the body with the greatest temptation and the most severe in danger.

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