This is how the People of Desires show respect for the Scholars!!

This is how the People of Desires, from the Hizbees and Qutubees show respect for the Scholars…rather this is how they show respect for the House of Allaah!

Shaikh Saalih As-Suhaymee and Shaikh Abdur-Razaaq, may Allaah preserve them, undertook a visit to the area of Qaseem, particularly the city of Buraydah (in Saudi Arabia), some years ago to give a lectures there.

But they were met by some people of desires – especially from the Qutubees and Hizbees in the audience who did not want to listen to the Remembrance of Allaah nor to the Call to Tawheed and the following of the correct Manhaj.

To hear what happened to the Shaikhs and how the ignorant people dealt with them, listen to the recording, and follow with the summarization below.

The program begins with the chair of the conference introducing the topic of the lecture, which was a talk on the hadeeth: “The Religion is Sincerity.” He began with the Shaikh on the right who was Shaikh ‘Abdur-Razaaq, the son of ‘Abdul-Muhsin al-‘Abbaad, may Allaah preserve them.

So the Shaikh began with Khutbat ul-Haajah, but was not even halfway through it when commotion broke out at the hands of some deviants amongst the followers of vain desires, who started shouting and screaming. But this was quelled and the Shaikh continued by making du’aa that Allaah grant the Muslims Paradise and that He make them people who fear Allaah and act righteously.

Then the commotion continued for a while, but finally the Shaikh began the lecture and the microphone was passed onto Shaikh Saalih As-Suhaymee who said:

“To whoever came to this masjid and saw fit to do these kinds of actions, which Allaah is not pleased with, will they not fear Allaah? Whoever wants to listen then let him come and whoever wants to leave then let him leave.”

Then Shaikh ‘Abdur-Razaaq began the lecture and began explaining the hadeeth of “The Religion is Sincerity (Naseeha).” And he stressed the point that what they came to the masjid for was to seek to get closer to Allaah by way of listening and benefiting by the hadeeth of Allaah’s Messenger. And he narrated to them a story about Allaah’s Messenger and Mu’awiyah, which showed that gathering in the masjid is for the purpose of getting closer to Allaah. So this is what they were there for – to worship Allaah and not cause commotion.

Then he began by saying what he will talk about in the lecture – the foundation of sincerity and faith in Allaah. So he discussed the definition of Eemaan and went on to mention the three categories of Tawheed, but noise could still be heard in the background from the troublemakers

Then Shaikh ‘Abdur-Razaaq finished and the mic was given to Shaikh Saalih As-Suhaymee who addressed the troublemakers and asked them if Allaah was pleased with the actions they were doing, at which they again turned violent. And commotion broke loose again, with Shaikh Saalih commanding them to fear Allaah. And the situation got worse with the mob storming the podium and in the midst of all that the Shuyookh were making du’aa.

During the course of this violent attack, they trampled over the mushafs (copies of Qur’aan) and broke Shaikh Saalih As-Suhaymee’s walking cane, since he is blind and needs it to walk!!

But Allaah protected the two Shaikhs from the evil of these people of desires and misguidance! And all of this was just because the Shaikhs stick to the truth and call to the Salafee Manhaj while opposing and refuting the deviants.

So we advise the brothers to listen to the recording so that they can see for themselves the condition of these people, who fight against the Salafee Scholars and hate the Salafee Da’wah, only because they have no other recourse since their da’wah is dead and they are void of any proofs and evidences.

And we cannot forget also what happened to Shaikh Muhammad Amaan Al-Jaamee, may Allaah have mercy on him, who was attacked while giving a lecture in the Masjid of Shaikh ‘Abdullaah Al-‘Ubaylaan years ago.

Access the recording and follow with brief summarization below:

While the Shaikh was in the masjid answering questions, he responded to one question, which consisted of several parts. The first part asked as to the reason why the Muslims are divided into groups, parties and sects. So the Shaikh responded by saying:

“The reason is well known – it is something that is going on now, which is the presence of those who incite the people upon political agitation and the presence of those who distribute them into groups. Rather, it is due to these newly invented groups. The groups that are present in the arena nowadays, I consider them to be innovated.

This is since before this state (of Saudi Arabia) was established, you did not find all of these groups – there was only One Group. The Saudi Society was only one Jamaa’ah (group) – the Jamaa’ah of the Muslims. There was no other group to be found besides it. So the presence of all these groups (nowadays) and the efforts these groups expend in calling the people to their manhaj is the cause for them being divided and split up…”

Then one man from the audience began to criticize the Shaikh’s response about the jamaa’aat (groups) and commotion broke loose, with a mob shouting and screaming. And all the while the Shaikh was trying to calm the mob down, seeking refuge in Allaah, but they did not listen to him. Even to the point that the Call for Prayer was proclaimed and they did not listen to that! Rather, the prayer was started and commotion and screaming could still be heard from those who wished to cause fitnah and disrespect the house of Allaah, may Allaah guide these individuals.

This is the way of all of the scholars who have followed the Way of the Salaf, in that they were faced with the opposition of the deviants – even to the point where their opposition was violent, as was the case with Imaam Abu Shaamah, rahimahullaah, the great scholar of the 7th Century, who wrote a tremendous book [Al-Bid’i wal-Hawaadith] refuting the present day innovations of his time, as he was beaten to the point that he never fully recovered from his injuries and eventually died later from them.

We ask Allaah to protect our scholars and to grant them a long lifespan for benefiting the ummah, Amaeen.

Source: Two separate cassette recordings 
Produced By: al-manhaj website (site no more exists)

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