3 Types of Information in the Qur’an & Surah Al-Ikhlas – Dr Saleh as Saleh [Short Clip|En]

Mp3: Points of Benefit in Salaat – 01- Surah al-Ikhlaas 112 – Dr Saleh as Saleh

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Transcription of the Audio:

Bismillaah hir Rahman nir Raheem. Alhumdulillahi Rabbil Aalameen Wa sallallahu ala Muhammadin wa ala aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam

Point of benifits, this is the begining of a series of benifits inshaa Allaahu ta’ala which we will try to convey from Allaah (Subhana wata’ala) to make them benefit for myself and for every one who listens to them.

Point of benefit – concerning Soorat Al-Ikhlas chapter 112 – In the hadeeth it came that it equates that it is equivalent to one third of the Qur’an. How?

This is because the Qur’an is either

1) The news about Allaah, His names and attributes, His actions

2)The second aspect is that – it is the news about the creation of Allaah as to that which will occur in the future and that which occured before in the past from the nations and so forth.

3) Thirdly, he Qur’an comprises commands and prohibitions.

And so this soorah Ikhlas talks about Allaah. So it is of the first news and thats why it is the third of the Qur’an. Because we know the Qur’an now is three thirds. First third news is about Allaah and the second contains the news about the creation of Allaah, the third contains commands and prohibitions. So it is equivalent to one third of the Qur’an.

This soorah Allaah choose it to speak of Himself, purely about Himself. So, Allaah did not mention in it anything except that which relates to Him and His attributes. And this soorah is a deliverance. It delivers it’s reciter from shirk and from the denial and negation.

This concludes the point of benefit. The first point of benefit. We ask Allaah (Subhana wata’ala) to bestow upon me and you the beneficial knowledge by which we increase our eeman and correct our deeds.

Transcribed by sister Sawdah.K, may Allaah reward her, ameen.

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