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It is due to the seriousness of Shaytan’s fitnah (temptation, tribulation, trial) that Allah has distinctly exposed his goals and plots in the Qur’aan. The Prophet (peace be upon him) repeatedly warned against Shaytan’s power to tempt mankind into disobeying Allah. He would relentlessly reveal Shaytan’s trickery and deceit and inform about ways of defense against the accursed. So, what are the deceptions, tricks and strategies of Shaytan? How does Shaytan enter the human soul and drive it towards sin and transgression? How does he corrupt people’s hearts and souls by making false promises and arousing high hopes? Does Shaytan posses the power to force us into committing sins? To what extent will Shaytan succeed in achieving his goal? Can we defeat Shaytan?

Insha ‘ Allah, I am trying to pool whatever resources available on the internet and books and post on to this blog.

If you want to know more details of the traps, snares and plots of the Shaytaan, how he makes people confused about their religious beliefs, acts of worship and dealings with one another, and he toyed with the Jews, Christians, Magians and idol-worshippers, then there are two books which you cannot do without:

  • Talbees Iblees  by Ibn al-Jawzi
  • Ighaathat al-Lahfaan by Ibn al-Qayyim
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