Al-Fawa’id – A Collection Of Wise Sayings – Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim

Source : Al-Fawa’id A Collection Of Wise Sayings Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim

There are two kinds of meeting between friends:
The first is a meeting based on sociability and spending time, in which are more disadvantages than advantage, the least of which is corruption of the heart, and wasting time.

The Second kind is a meeting for the sake of supporting one another, and recommending one another to the truth and to patience. This is the best kind, yet there are still three disadvantages therein,

1. Flattering each other.
2. Being excessively talkative.
3. That such meetings become a habit or routine and they fail to achieve their aims.

Enjoying health, this worldly life, status, a wife or children, then surely those feelings are temporary and will eventually dissipate.

There are three kinds of passive feelings, which affect the heart and they are either related to the past, which causes sorrow, or related to the future so as to cause grief, of finally related to the present so as to cause distress.

If the heart is not pure or honourable enough, and distance from every evil and malice, then it is unworthy to love, know and aspire to Allah. On the contrary, the lowest description of man’s heart is that he loves and aspires to this worldly life instead to Allah, the Almighty.

When man’s love, knowledge and aspiration is directed in this worldly way, the heart becomes narrow and gloomy as it is distant from the source of its revival and life.

Subsequently, the hearts of man can be divided into two kinds, the first of which is the heart of those, who incline to the Beneficent, which is the source of brightness, life, happiness, pleasure, delight and blessings.

The second one is the throne of the devil where narrowness, darkness, death, sorrow, distress and grief are settled therein. This heart is obsessed by sorrow for the past, and grief and distress for the present.

In order for a place to contain something, it must be free from whatever contradicts it. This principle applies to mankind and all creation as well as to belief and desires.So, if the hearts is obsessed by belief in falsehood, there will be no place for truth.

Accordingly, if the tongue is involved in trivial discourse, one shall be incapable of useful speech, unless falsehood is abandoned.

Hence, if the body is busy doing wrong actions, then acts of worship will be inapplicable unless these contradictory actions are abandoned.

Stand firm against evil thoughts, for if you fail to do so, they will become ideas, if you do not, they will become desires, so fight against them. If you do not, they will become a form of determination and intention, if you do not resist, they will become actions, and if you do not follow them up with their opposite, they will become habits that will be hard to quit.

He, who did not make use of his eye, did not make use of his ear.

The servant has a veil between him and Allah and another one between him and people. Whoever tore this veil between him and Allah, Allah will tear the veil between him and people.

The servant has a Lord that he will stand in front of and a house that he will live in, so he must seek the pleasure of Allah before meeting Him and he should furnish his house before moving into it.

Loosing time is harder than death, as loosing time keeps you away from Allah and the Hereafter, while death keeps you away from worldly life and people.

The whole world from its beginning until its end is not worth an hour of sadness, so what about the sadness of whole life.

What we love today will catch up with what we hate tomorrow, and what we hate today will catch up with what we love tomorrow.

The most precious reward during life is to busy yourself with most suitable and useful matters in their exact and suitable time.

How can he be rational who sells Paradise and what is in it, for one hour of passing pleasure?

The pious man will leave this worldly life while he did not obtain satisfaction in two matters: crying for himself and praising Allah.

If you are afraid of any creature, you will run away from it. When you are afraid of Allah, you will love Him and seek to be close to Him.

If knowledge is useful without actions, Allah, the Exalted would never have dispraised the people of the book, and if actions were useful without devotions, He would never have have dispraised the hypocrite.

Piety has Three Levels

1. Protecting the heart and limbs against sin and forbidden actions.

2. Protecting them against undesirable matters.

3. Protecting against curiosity and whatever is not of one’s concern.

The first will grant life to the servant, the second will grant his health and power, and the third will grant him happiness and joy.

The sea of pleasures may drown its owner and the swimmer fears to open his eyes under water.

Passing days are like dreams, the coming ones are wishes, and the time separating them is wasted.

Buy for yourself (through doing good deeds) while there is still a market and you have the ability to buy.

If you do not work hard and face difficulties along your way in seeking glory, you will never taste honor and relief when you attain victory.

It was said to one of the worshippers: You are tiring yourself so much! He said: I want to achieve comfort from it.

The human being was honoured with blessings of faith and good health, but he misused them, so they were justly taken away from him.

The truth will only be shown to perceptive people who will use the light of their minds to see the consequences of the matters they face.

The pleasures of life are similar to brides who are dressing for those who will prefer and choose; them or the brides (rewards) of the Hereafter, and whoever knows the significant difference between the two, will choose the best (the Hereafter).

Affliction are but trials by which the faithful are distinguished from the unfaithful, and if you were to succeed therein, they would be turned to supporters by which you could attain your objective.

No one can indulge in unlawfulness except for two reasons, the first of which is failing to trust in Allah, despite the fact that if one obeys Him, he will surely be granted the best of lawful gains.

The second reason is knowing that whoever abandons anything for the sake of Allah, surely He will grant him something better than what he has abandon.

Unfortunately, his vain desires surpass his patience and his inclination overpowers his mind, The first one has poor knowledge, and the second one has poor insight.

How can one feel secure, who has an unmerciful wife, an unforgiving son, a distrusting neighbour, a friend who gives no advice, a partner who misjudges him, an enemy whose hostility never ceases, a soul that is inclined to evil, an adorned world, vain desires, influential lusts, furious anger, the deception of Satan, and controlling weakness? If Allah rescued and guided him, all those problems would be under control, and if Allah deserted and abandoned him, leaving him on his own, all these distresses would cause his destruction.

He who tastes the pleasure of good health, surely the bitterness of patience will become easy for him.

The aim has priority in estimation, it is the last in existence, it is the principle according to the mind, and it is the end of the journey.

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