# Summoning the spirits of the Dead : A Contemporary Experience

A modern day experience

This experiment took place with the author Ahmad Izzuddin al-Bayanuni. He mentioned it in his book Kitab al-Iman bil-Malaaika. I eagerly decided to quote the complete text of what he wrote:

The people of the East and the West have preoccupied themselves with the claim of making the spirits appear. There have been many articles written about it, written in different languages, published in Arabic as well as non-Arabic magazines. Books have been written about it. Much research has been done lately on this topic. Many experiments have been performed. After all of that, the intelligent people have concluded that the raising of the spirits is nothing but falsehood and forgery, a call to disbelief and wickedness.

What they claim to be the appearing of the spirits of people who have passed away is nothing but fakery and forgery. The spirits that appear are nothing but devils that are playing with and duping humans. In reality, there is no one who is capable of making the spirits appear. After the spirit leaves the body it goes to reside in the realm called al-Barzakh which is the interval between this worldly life and the life of the hereafter. Therein the person is either in bounties or punishment. They are preoccupied there with a great affair which would prevent them from appearing before the humans.

I [al-Bayanuni] was called to such an act of these spiritualists. And I experienced my own lengthy experience. This experience made it clear to me that it is nothing but falsehood, forgery and deception. It is just the playing of the devils. They present that to the people to mislead them and to deceive them and to make humans follow them.

The beginning of the experience

I had known for more than ten years of a person who claimed that he was using the jinn to do good deeds in the service of mankind. And that was done through a person who was a medium. He claimed that he achieved that through recitations and lengthy invocations which took up a great deal of time. He was instructed in thorough incantations by someone who claimed he was knowledgeable in that area. The medium came to me one day telling me that so and so of the jinn had called for me to discuss something important and there was a great matter in store for me.

I went to the appointment, trusting in Allah and very happy about it, in order to learn new information through this experience.

How did the deception begin?

The first deceiving step that they took with me, in the process of bringing forth the spirits, was to have me ask Allah for forgiveness, glorify him and other acts of dhikr. This would make a person believe, at first glance, that he is meeting with spirits who are pure, holy and truthful.

I entered the house of the medium and we were alone together in a room The medium sat on the bed. And we began – 0bviously under his guidance with asking forgiveness and sanctifying Allah- until he became like in a trance and I laid him down on his bed. I covered him with a covering in the way I was told to do. Then in a low voice, his companion greeted me. His knowing me and his like for me were obvious. He introduced me to himself. He claimed to be a created being. He was not from the angels or the jinn but was of another creation, a different species. He came into being by Allah’s saying, “Be” and he was.

The person of the voice claimed that the jinn only appeared through his command. And that between him and receiving the command from Allah there was only four intermediaries, with the Angel Gabriel being the fifth.

He began to praise me. He said that they will cut off any meetings they have with other humans and they shall only meet with me. Because, they claimed, I was a special person of this age. And this was a special sanction from Allah and it was Allah who had chosen me for that. And they made me a glittering promise full of amazing things.

I accepted this new experience and false call with trust in Allah and asking Allah to protect me from error and to guide me to the clear truth, enlightened by the light of knowledge and following the path of steadfastness and praising Allah.

At the end of the first meeting, he promised me a second meeting. Then the person himself instructed me to make some special incantations to awake the medium from his absence. That was done. And the medium was sitting. His eyes opened as if he had been wakened from a deep sleep and did not know what had transpired.

I went back for the second appointment also. Then we had many meetings, one after another, for a long time. During every meeting, they renewed their good promise to me and described a great future for me and the great blessings that the nation would receive at my hands.

The situation develops

The situation developed further. Many “spirits” came to visit me in every meeting. Some with invocations being made before the meeting while others without it. While eating or drinking tea with the medium, the medium would fall asleep with his head down at the promised time. And the “spirits” would appear, some claiming to be angels or from the jinn or companions of the Prophet or saints. They would always speak with reverence and respect. They would invoke blessings for my visit and point to a blessed future. Then they would leave and others would come.

Who were those visitors ?

I was visited by beings that claimed to be angels, jinn, Abu Huraira, scholars, “saints”, such as Abu al-Hasan al-Shaadhili, well known and accepted scholars, such as al-Shaikh Ahmad al-Tirmaaneeni, and some scholars that I had met before and had known of their deaths, including my father (may Allah have mercy on him).

They gave me glad tidings of my father’s visit at a specific time. I looked forward to this meeting with anxiety. When it was time for the meeting, they requested me to read Surah al- Waqiah aloud. read it. When I finished reciting it, they said, “Your father will appear after a few moments. Listen to what he says and do not ask him about anything.”

The beginning of my vigilance

After a few minutes, there came someone who claimed to be my father. He greeted me. He showed his happiness for meeting me. And he was happy with me for meeting those spirits. He advised me to assist the medium and his family and to take care of them in the best way as he had no other means of making money except through this way.

He ended his speech with “the prayers on the Prophet Abraham”. And I knew that my father was passionately fond of saying the prayers upon the Prophet (peace be on him), especially in “the prayer of Abraham”.

The most amazing thing was that his accent was exactly the same as my father’s. He said salaam and left.

Then I began to ask myself, “Why did they advise me not to ask him about anything?”. For a secret reason no doubt. The secret reason became clear to me at that moment. It was not my father. It was his ?partner? from the jinn, the one who accompanied him throughout his life. He came to me in the form of my father and imitated his most particular characteristics.

They advised me not to ask him about anything because the “partner” from the jinn, no matter to what extent he knows and remembers about my father, he is not able to remember every detail that a son knows about his father. They feared that if I asked him something of that nature, he would not be able to respond and the matter would become clear.

With others, 1 would meet them and not know who they were until they were about to leave and then they would say, “I am so and so,” greet me and leave immediately.

There was also a secret reason for that: If any of them would tell me who they were, and he was well-known for being knowledgeable, I could discuss a difficult topic with him and he would not be able to respond. Again, the matter would then be uncovered.

One time someone came and debated with me saying that the face of the woman is not aurah [or from the private parts that must be covered] and need not be covered. I refuted him and he responded to me with a response that had no aspect of knowledge in it. The argument became heated between us, I said to him, “How do you respond to those jurists who say that the face of the woman is aurah and she must cover out of fear of fitnah [temptation and sin]?” The argument ended without any benefit. Then he told me that he was Shaikh Ahmad al-Tarmaaneeni and he left. It became clear to me that he was undoubtedly a liar because Shaikh al-Tarmaaneeni was a leading Shafi scholar and the leaders of the Shafi school say that all of the woman is aurah, even if she is an aged, gray-haired woman. If he really was the shaikh he said he was and he had discovered some new knowledge in the world of barzakh he would have informed me about it and shown me its evidence. But it was all a lie and deception. Its intention was misguidance. And Allah – and all praises are due to Allaah – refused except to guide me and confirm me on the truth and guidance. A woman uncovering her face, especially in times like these with moral laxity and a sick society, is something no knowledgeable or religious person would agree to.

The reality becomes uncovered

The reality of the situation became more and more uncovered meeting after meeting and experience after experience. Finallv. I was certain that all of it were lies and forgeries. It had no in righteousness and no root standing in religion.

Even the medium, who I was advised generously, was known not to pray and he was not his prayers. His beard was shaven and no one ordered to help and treat ordered to perform him to let it grow.

Certainly, he devours the wealth of the people through falsehood and deceiving promises. There is no source of income for him except through that evil means.

A man came to me after he heard that I had some relation with that medium and complained to me about his deception. He took 300 Syrian riyals from him and the man was a poor person who was very much in need of that money. I insisted that the medium return the money to him. He did so, in his and his devils’ hope that I would continue to meet with them. The medium and his family base most of their entire lives on lying.


Those spirits, after everything became clear to me, tried to threaten me. But that did not shake my heart whatsoever. And all praises are to Allah.

I used to record what they used to say to me. These recordings filled two large files. I recorded most of what they said to me. When it became unquestionably clear to me that it was all fake, without any other way to explain it, I made my final judgment about them and burned the two files that were filled with lies and forgeries. Those spirits who claimed to be Companions of the Prophet, saints and pious people were all devils. No intelligent believer should be deceived by them.

All of the ways that are taken to make the spirits appear are nothing but lies and falsehood. It does not matter if it is through a or medium, as in the experience I had, or through a table or tea cup, that some people have experienced and mentioned to me. All of them end in the same result that I reached.

A wonderful thing is that I have seen other people write on this topic and the conclusion of the intelligent people who experienced these things is the same conclusion I arrived at. They concluded that those spirits are nothing but the “partners” of humans from among the jinn, as Allah had guided me to. And all praise is to Allah.

Source : The world of Jinn and Devils – by Umar S. Ashqar

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