Qur’anic verses that repel witchcraft – Fatwas of Nur `Ala Al-Darb

What are the Qur’anic verses that repel witchcraft?

A: Some scholars mentioned that one of the ways of protection from what may touch a person of witchcraft and Jinn possession or what may turn him away from his wife is to read Ayat-ul-Kursy and blowing it into water, and Surahs (Qur’anic chapters) Al-Fatihah (Opening Chapter of the Qur’an), Al-Kafirun, Al-Ikhlas and Al-Mu`awwidhatayn.

If someone recites these Surahs and the noble verse of Ayat-ul-Kursy, and the verses relating to witchcraft in Surah Al-A`raf and the two Surahs of Yunus and Taha; this is one of the causes of recovery.

If a man drinks the water (over which these Surahs and verses are recited) and washes up with it, it will protect him witchcraft and free him from anything that makes him dislike and keep away from his wife.

The verses of Surah Al-A`raf (7: 117-119)  are:

And We revealed to Mûsâ (Moses) (saying): “Throw your stick,” and behold! It swallowed up straight away all the falsehoods which they showed. Thus truth was confirmed, and all that they did was made of no effect. So they were defeated there and returned disgraced.

These verses from Surah Al-A`raf are one ofthe causes of healing, by reciting them over water or blowing them into the sick person together with Surahs Al-Fatihah, Al-Kafirun, Al-Ikhlas, Mu`awwidhatayn as well as Ayat-ul-Kursy. One can either breath them over the patient or recite them over water and then have them drink it and wash up with the rest.

In Surah Yunus (verses 79-82), Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) states:

And Fir‘aun (Pharaoh) said: “Bring me every well-versed sorcerer.” And when the sorcerers came, Mûsâ (Moses) said to them: “Cast down what you want to cast!” Then when they had cast down, Mûsâ (Moses) said: “What you have brought is sorcery; Allâh will surely make it of no effect. Verily, Allâh does not set right the work of Al-Mufsidûn (the evil-doers, corrupters). “And Allâh will establish and make apparent the truth by His Words, however much the Mujrimûn (criminals, disbelievers, polytheists, sinners) may hate it.”

This means that one may either recite them over patients or recite them over water and so on.

The verses of Surah Taha are verses 65-69:

They said: “O Mûsâ (Moses)! Either you throw first or we be the first to throw?” [Mûsâ (Moses)] said: “Nay, throw you (first)!” Then behold! their ropes and their sticks, by their magic, appeared to him as though they moved fast. So Mûsâ (Moses) conceived fear in himself. We (Allâh) said: “Fear not! Surely, you will have the upper hand. “And throw that which is in your right hand! It will swallow up that which they have made. That which they have made is only a magician’s trick, and the magician will never be successful, to whatever amount (of skill) he may attain.”

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Fatwas of Nur `Ala Al-Darb>Volume 3>A chapter on issues related to witchcraft>Legal Wirds and supplications for seeking refuge in Allah are causes of protection from witchcraft

Q: A questioner asks: Nowadays people talk a lot about witchcraft, may Allah protect you and us from it! What is the right protection of Qur’an and Sunnah (acts, sayings or approvals of the Prophet) from it? May Allah reward you with the best.

A: Witchcraft is practiced and it is well-known. There is no doubt that some people may bring it about. A witchcraft practitioner is a Mushrik (one who associates others with Allah in His Divinity or worship) that must be referred to authorities for possible capital punishment if he is found guilty. We ask Allah for protection and well-being.

`Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) ordered his governors to execute practitioners of witchcraft. The Prophet (peace be upon him) stated:

“The prescribed penalty for a witchcraft practitioner is to be struck with the sword.”

[Related by Al-Tirmidhy, Book on ordained punishments, Chapter on the ordained punishment for a magician, no. 1460]

This is because he is a disbeliever calling to Kufr.

As for protection, it is to “seek refuge in the perfect words of Allah from the evil of what He created” three times in the morning and three times in the evening, and saying: “In the name of Allah with whose Name nothing is harmful on Earth nor in the Heavens and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing” three times in the morning and three times in the evening. These supplications are reported in Hadiths. Whoever does so will be protected by Allah from the evil of all things.

Reciting Surahs Al-Ikhlas and Al-Mu`awwidhatayn three times in the morning and three times in the evening are a cause of protection from witchcraft and any other harm.

Ayat-ul-Kursy can also be recited three times upon going to bed, and this is a cause of protection from witchcraft and Satan. It can also be recited following each Salah (Prayer). All these bring protection and safety. We ask Allah for protection and well-being.

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