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Turn to Allaah and Do Not be Afraid of the Plots of Shaytan – Shaykh Shehaab ibn Hassan Al-Banna [Audio|Ar-En]

January 24, 2013

Turn to Allaah and Do Not be Afraid
Shaykh Shehaab ibn Hassan Al-Banna (hafidhahullaah)


  Explanation of Kashfu Shubuhat of Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhaab

Indeed the plots of shaytan are weak, if you turn to Allah this shows sincerity in your actions. Listen to the proofs of Allah in the Quran and have certainty. Those who follow the footsteps of shaytan, will find out they have been deceived on the Day of Judgment.

Listen / Download Mp3 Here  (Time 43:27)

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