What Distinguishes the One Following the Sunnah Upon the Way of the Salaf ? – Shaykh Abdul-Qaadir al-Junayd [Audio|Ar-En]

Shaykh Abdul-Qaadir al-Junayd (hafidhahullaah)
Translated by Abu Muhammad al-Maghribee (hafidhahullaah)

Listen / Download Mp3 Here (Time 27:43)

This telelink was given by Sheikh Abdul-Qaadir al-Junayd for our brothers in Orlando, Florida at Masjid Qubaa on Sunday, December 23, 2012.

The sheikh gave a concise answer to the question, “What are the things that distinguish the person who sticks to the sunnah upon the way of the Salaf from those who do not follow the way of the Salaf?”

The sheikh gave us 6 points upon this issue. Listen to find out what they are.

Please note that this talk is in English and Arabic. The first 12 minutes or so are in Arabic, with the complete English translation following.

Baarak Allahu feekum
Abu Muhammad al-Maghribee (hafidhahullaah)

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