How can one possibly learn & understand Islaam, without understanding the Arabic language ? : Shaykh Hasan Marzooq Al-Banna

In our sitting this past Thursday with Shaykh Hasan Marzooq Al-Banna (may Allah preserve him). We discussed with him the importance of studying the Arabic language. He informed us that, the brothers and sisters residing in the west and coming to studying Arabic here in Egypt or places similar to her. Should begin with the Qur’aan. He said that this is the best book for learning the Arabic language. All of the rules of grammer are found in the Qur’aan. One can also increase in his/her vocabulary by constantly reading the Qur’aan. He said, yes one should find a good center to study and learn Arabic. But he said, do not neglect the Qur’aan. He said that one should learn proper recitation of the Qur’aan, along with memorizing it. One should never let a day go past and he/she hasnt read the Qur’aan (in Arabic, if you are able). One should study from one copy of the Qur’aan, so that he/she becomes familiar with it. One should carry a copy of the Qur’aan with him/her at all times, and constantly read from it.

He also informed, that if one has a class to learn Arabic at the same time that he is having a class, he said attend the class to learn Arabic. Allah knows best.

He said that how can one possibly learn and understand Islaam, without understanding the Arabic language. He informed us to learn Tawheed, so that we wont be lead astray. But true understanding of it comes from learning it in the Arabic language.

May Allah bless and reward the shaykh for his tireless work in trying to educate us and call us to that which is correct.

May Allah guide us all to understanding the Arabic language.

Email from brother Abdur-Raqib Ibn Robinson on 13th Oct 2008 on the salafipost mailing list.

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