The Beautiful Story Of Aboo Qilabah – Dr. Saleh as Saleh [Audio|En]

Aboo Qilabah his name was ‘Abdullaah bin Zayd al Juramiy rahimahullaah. He died In year 104 After Hijjra during the reign of Yazid Bin Abdul Malik. The story of  his death was narrated by Muhammad bin al Mundhir bin Sa’eed.

Imam al-Awza’i narrates from ‘Abdullah ibn Muhammad that he said:

I went out to the shore as a patrolman and our patrol at the time was in al-‘Areesh in Egypt. When I arrived at the shore, I came upon an open area and there was tent on it. In the tent was a man who had no hands and legs and he was hard of hearing and sight. None of his limbs were of benefit to him but his tongue, and he was saying: ‘O Allah, grant me (the ability) to praise you a praise through which I can sufficiently thank You for the favours You have bestowed upon me and by which You have preferred me over many whom You have created a great preference.’

Al-Awza’i said: ‘Abdullah said: ‘By Allah, I will certainly go to this man and I shall certainly ask him about this speech. Perhaps it is an understanding, or knowledge or inspiration which was inspired to him?’ …

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