Deeds Multiplying in Ramadhaan – Shaykh al-Albaani

Source: silsilat ul-hudaa wa nnoor – the series of guidance and light – tape no. 693

Question #11: “Are good deeds multiplied in general during Ramadhaan and likewise evil deeds?”

Shaykh al-Albaani (rahimahullaah) answers:

“This question is also often brought up regarding Makkah and the one residing in Makkah, whether he is a foreigner or a Makkan; are good deeds and evil deeds multiplied over there? The answer: there isn’t any text in the Islamic legislation clearly (stating) that good deeds are multiplied, and likewise evil deeds, due to the excellence of a (certain) place or the excellence of a (certain) time; excellence of a place like Makkah and Madinah for example (and) excellence of a time like this month of ours, the month of Ramadhaan. There isn’t any clear text about good deeds or evil deeds being multiplied (in such cases). But some of the scholars, by way of deduction, say that they are multiplied – by way of deduction, i.e., not based on a text but rather by way of ijtihaad.[1] So if someone says that good deeds are multiplied, there is no harm in that because it is the saying of some of the scholars. But it is not allowed to be absolutely certain about that due to the nonexistence of (relevant evidence mentioned in) the holy text which ‘falsehood cannot come to from before it or behind it.’”[2]

[1] independent reasoning
[2] Surah Fussilat, 41:42


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