Relieving a Believer’s Hardships – Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali

Relieving a Believer’s Hardships
جامع العلوم واحلكم :Original Title
Original Author: Ibn Rajab al-Ḥanbalī
Translated by Abu az-Zubayr Harrison

Taken from Ibn Rajab al-Ḥanbalī’s book, “Jāmi’ al-‘Ulūm wal-Ḥikam,” an explanation of the forty-two famous ḥadīth collected by Imam al-Nawawi. The ḥadīth explained in this article is the thirty-sixth one.

“Whoever relieves a believer of a hardship of this life, Allah will relieve from him a  hardship of the Day of Resurrection…”


The ḤadĪth
The Explanation of: “Whoever helps a believer with a hardship…” 
The Explanation of: “…Allah will help him with a hardship…”
The Explanation of: “Whoever shows leniency towards someone in difficulty…”
The Explanation of: “Whoever conceals a Muslim, Allah will conceal him…
The Explanation of: “And Allah will continue to help the servant…”
The Explanation of: “Whoever pursues a path seeking knowledge…”
The Explanation of: “No group of people gather in one of the houses of Allah…”
The Explanation of: “And whoever is prevented by his deeds will not be hastened…”

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Relieving a Believers Hardships-Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali [PDF]

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