Fatwa on Tawassul – Permanent Commitee

The guidance of the Messenger in visiting the graves

Tawassul through the Awliya’

Tawassul to Allah by the honor, sanctity or blessings of the Prophet or another

Tawassul through prophets and the Awliya’

Visiting the graves to supplicate to the dead or ask for their help or intercession

Believing the Awliya’ as means of healing from illnesses and holding annual Mawlids for them

Tawassul through the entities, honor, or right of creatures

Calling on “the Prophet’s honor” or “being dutiful to parents” upon leaving a gathering

Tawassul by the Messenger and Awliya’

Tawassul through creatures

Tawassul through the Qur’an and certain days

Tawassul by the honor, person or status of the Messenger

Tawassul through the blessing of the Qur’an or some creatures

Reading a book that includes Tawassul through the Prophet and asking for his intercession

Tawassul through prophets and righteous men

Swearing by other than Allah

Tawassul by the rights of prophets and Awliya’ and through their honor

Tawassul through the Prophet as in the weak Hadith

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