Whatsapp with us?! – By Dr. Murtaza bin Bakhsh [Video|Urdu-En Subtitles]

Clip Source: http://urdu-islamic-audio.com/?s=what…
Transcribed and Translated by: Aboo Bilal Nahim ibn Abd al Majid
Date: 4th Jumada al-Ula 1437 (corresponding with 13th February 2016)


Today children are weak and behind in their education. weak and behind in their religion. due to this calamity. due to this calamity. The small amount of time they may have… Look for yourself! Look at your own situation, what can I say about the state of the children! Where is our time wasted? Generally (our time is wasted by).

just looking at the service of WhatsApp! How much time to we spend upon it?
How much spare time do we have?!
How much time do we have to seek knowledge?!
The knowledge of the fundamentals of the religion, the knowledge of ‘Aqeedah, the knowledge of Halaal and Haraam. How much time do we have?! Even that is wasted!

Look at your watch that is with you! How much time do you spend on WhatsApp, YouTube, Telegram?! Until the end of those (other) services that are available! You look at. in 24 hours how much time you spend (for the sake) of Allah and (for the sake of) this mobile phone!

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