Advice to Those Who Have Mobile Phones – By Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaimīn [Video|Ar-En Subtitles]

Advice to Those Who Have Mobile Phones – By Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaimīn رحمه الله
Translated by Mikail ibn Mahboob Ariff حفظه الله

Transcription of the Text from the Video:


Esteemed Shaikh, there has appeared in [recent] times the mobile phone device, and it has been used a lot by women, especially young women, and it has been misused to adverse effect, there being no person to watch over or keep track [of its use]. So could there be some advice to fathers and young women because it has really become one of the most dangerous traps of the Devil.

Shaykh Muhammad b. Salih AI-‘Uthaimin:

[My] Advice: Indeed, the means to evil in our time have become many, and they are temptations one whom Allah wants to test is tested by. They are a trial from Allah, Almighty and Majestic, since Allah the All-High at times tries slaves by making easy the means to commit sins. Allah the AII-H lgh at times tries slaves by making easy the means to commit suns.

That which the person with the question mentioned is [really] happening: indeed, mobile phones are ready, accessible means for young women to get in contact with young men because they use it everywhere, even if it were in the toilet-the bathroom-and because if anyone calls, his number shows up on the phone, [so] it’s easy to call him [back], so it’s dangerous.

And for that reason, firstly, I advise our young men and women to stay away from this disgraceful behavior, and I hope that the future of Islam at their hands will be the best of futures.

Secondly, I advise fathers and guardians to stay informed and have a deep look: how is the young woman using this mobile phone, and how is the young man using it? And I’ve said to you: indeed, Allah sometimes tries slaves by making easy the means to sin, in order to test them, almighty and majestic is He.

And we have two examples: the first example is found in the nations before us. The second example is found at the beginning of this nation. The Jews were prohibited from catching fish on Saturday.

So when it was Saturday, the fish would come to the surface of the water: when their fish would come to them on their Sabbath day in the open, everywhere, while on non-Sabbath days they would not come to them. [Meaning of Al-A’raf:163, extract]

During the remaining days of the week they wouldn’t come, and [it] went on for a long time for them. So they said: There must be some way out-and it’s that we lay out the nets on Friday; then the fish will come and fill them in great numbers. And when it’s Sunday, collect it.

So what dld Allah do With them?

Allah Almighty and Majestic says:

And you have most certainly come to know [0 Jews] those who transgressed from you with regard to the Sabbath, so We said to them: Become monkeys, cast out. [Meaning of AI-Baqarah: 65]

And those who came at the beginning of this nation:

Allah the Almighty and Majestic tested them when they were in a state of ihram [during pilgrimage] with the [wild] game that is forbidden for those in a state of ihram [to hunt].

So game was within reach of their hands and spears Reptiles [that they could catch to eat] were within reach; rabbits, easy to catch with one’s hands; gazelles, easy to catch with one’s hands; birds, within spear range-given that birds are never except within the range of arrows and that spears, as you know, consists of a stick or the like with a sharpened metal point at the head of it-one could have got them with his spear.

So the Companions? They held themselves back from this. Not one of them hunted game despite it being [so] easy [to catch].

And now sins have become easy to commit by way of these devices, so it’s upon us to pay attention. And I fear Allah the All-High may send us all a punishment and that He might replace this feeling of security [we have] with fear; this feeling of being fully satisfied, with hunger; this being clothed, with having no clothes, since Allah the Almighty and Majestic says:

And if only the townspeople had believed [and followed what the messengers of Allah had come with] and protected themselves [from His wrath by obeying Him and avoiding sins], We would have then released blessings [of rain and vegetation] upon them; instead, they disbelieved [in them], so We punished them for what they had earned [of sins]. Is it that the [disbelieving] townspeople have come to feel safe from Our punishment coming down upon them at night while they are asleep? Is it that they feel safe from Allah’s [gradual] plan [leaving them to continue sinning in good health and living until they are suddenly taken by punishment]? And no one feels safe from Allah’s [gradual] plan except people headed for complete loss [and destruction]. [Meaning of AI-A‘raf: 96-99]

May Allah protect us and you all from this.

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