Some People go to Hajj without any provisions claiming they are putting trust in Allaah – Shaykh Saalih Fawzan

Some people would go on the pilgrimage (Hajj) with Muslims and not bring any provisions or supplies with them. They would do this claiming that they were putting their trust in Allaah and that they would be provided for without them having to bring provisions along with them. So Allaah said: “And take provision with you for the journey, but indeed the best provision is Taqwaa (righteousness)” [Surah Al-Baqarah: 197], ordering them to take provisions.

Provisions are of two types: The Provision of this world and the provision of the Hereafter.

The provision of the worldly life comes in the form of food, drink, clothes, and all of the other things that a person needs when he travels.

As for the provision for the journey in the Hereafter, then it is Taqwaa. Allaah says: “But indeed the best provision is Taqwaa.” [Surah Al-Baqarah: 197]

So take provisions for your worldly life and take provisions for your Hereafter. Take provisions for your worldly life with food, drink and the necessary supplies for traveling so that you will not need to depend on others. And take provisions for your Hereafter with Taqwaa, which can be defined as implementing Allaah’s commandments while abandoning His prohibitions.

So what is meant by Taqwaa is taking a wiqaayah, or a defense that protects you from Allaah’s punishment and anger, and protects you from the Fire. Such a defense can only be achieved by performing righteous actions. And with the Taqwaa of Allaah you will be able to save yourself from the Hellfire, as Allaah says: “Then We shall save those who used to fear Allaah and were dutiful to Him. And We shall leave the wrongdoers therein (humbled) to their knees (in Hell).” [Surah Maryam: 72]

So therefore, nothing grants salvation except for righteous deeds. Faith in Allaah and righteous deeds are the provisions of the Hereafter, and they are a protection from His anger, His fire and His punishment. The servant is commanded to seek after the requirements of his religious and worldly affairs. He is obligated to seek after the requirements of his affairs of this life and the next. He is obligated to put his trust in Allaah and to implement the means. So there must be a combination of this and that.

No one should understand the meaning of relying upon Allaah to be: Abandoning the require means. This is wrong. Nor should anyone understand that implementing the means suffices over putting one’s trust in Allaah. Rather, both – (1) relying upon Allaah and (2) implementing the required means – must be present.

Source : Excerpted from the following excellent Article :
Relying on Allaah and Abiding by the Means : Shaykh Saalih Al-Fawzaan
Haqeeqat-ut-Tawakkul (pg. 15-25).

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