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Ruling on blood donation

Q 43: What is the ruling on blood donation? [1]

A: There is no wrong in doing so, especially at times of necessity and need.

[1] Published by Al-`Arabiyyah Magazine, Rajab, 1420 A.H.

Fatwas of Ibn Baz>Volume 20>Chapter on Gifts and Grants

What is the ruling on non-Muslims donating blood to Muslims?

Q 1: What is the ruling on blood donation? What is the ruling on non-Muslims donating blood to Muslims?

A: It is permissible to donate blood to Muslims whether the donor is Muslim or Kafir (non-Muslim); and whether he is of the People of the Book, or idolater if there is no harm to the donor and the person to whom blood is donated was in need of it.

The Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta’ –
Fatwas of the Permanent Committee>Group 1>Volume 25: Miscellaneous Fatwas 2>Treatment with blood>Blood donation


Is it allowed to transfer blood from one person to another, and what if the two are of different religions?


When a patient becomes so sick that the only way for him to get better is to undergo a blood transfusion, and when doctors are at least confident of the benefits that will result, he may be treated in this fashion, even if the donor and the recipient belong to different religions. Blood form a disbeliever, even though he may be at war with the Muslims, can be donated to a Muslim. And Muslim blood may be donated to a disbeliever who is not at war with the Muslims. May Allaah send peace and blessings upon Muhammad, his family, and his Companions.

Permanent Committee for Research and Verdicts
Fatawa Islamiyah Vol. 8 Page 229
DarusSalam English Publication

Muslims donating blood to non-Muslims is a good deed

The former Mufti of Saudi Arabia Shaykh bin Baz mentioned…

It is permissible for Muslims to donate blood to non-Muslims and you will be rewarded (by Allah) for doing so. But it’s not permissible to accept compensation for donating blood. Thus Whoever accepted money for donating blood should give that money in charity to the poor.

Summarized and Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee

Transferring blood from a male to a female and vice versa

There is nothing wrong with transferring blood from a male to a female and vice versa, as this does not affect marriageability and such matters.

[Issued by the Permanent Committee, Fatwa no. 19477, the sixth question]

Donating blood and taking a Price / receiving Gifts for it.

Receiving compensation for blood donation is unlawful, whether the compensation is money or any other kind of payment based on the Hadith reported on the authority of Abu Juhayfah in Sahih Al-Bukhari: The Prophet (peace be upon him) forbade the price of blood [1].There is a general Ijma` (consensus of scholars) that it is unlawful even if the money is a gift; for it is a gift given in return for something that it is forbidden to sell.

[1] Al-Bukhari, Sahih, Book on clothing, no. 5945; and Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Musnad, vol. 4, p. 308.

Narrated `Aun bin Abu Juhaifa:

My father bought a slave who practiced the profession of cupping. (My father broke the slave’s instruments of cupping). I asked my father why he had done so. He replied, “The Prophet (صلّى الله عليه وسلّم) forbade the acceptance of the price of a dog or blood, and also forbade the profession of tattooing, getting tattooed and receiving or giving Riba, (usury), and cursed the picture-makers.”

Sahih al-Bukhari 2086 (Book 34, Hadith 39), Translated Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan

Q: A blood bank grants gifts to blood donors, such as prayer rugs, medals, head coverings or the like, and sometimes three hundred riyals. I would like to know what is the Islamic ruling on such gifts.

A: After considering the Fatwa request, the Committee gave the following answer:

It is not permissible to sell blood based on the Hadith related in Sahih Al-Bukhari on the authority of Abu Juhayfah who said: I saw my father buying a cupper [a person who performs cupping] and ordered that his tools be broken. I asked him about this and he replied: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) forbade the price of blood, the price of dogs, and the earnings of a prostitute; and he cursed the woman who tattoos others and she who gets tattooed, the one who takes or gives Riba (usury or interest), and the Musawwir (one who makes pictures, statues, or photographs of living beings).

Al-Hafiz in Al-Fath said: “This means that it is prohibited to sell blood just as it is prohibited to sell dead meat and pork. This is unanimously Haram (unlawful), i.e., to sell blood and take a price.”

Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta’

Does blood transfusion create a Mahram relationship?

Transferring blood from a man to a woman or vice versa does not fall under the same category as breastfeeding, whether linguistically, conventionally, or legally, nor is it liable to the rulings on breastfeeding, such as creating a Mahram (unmarriageable relatives) relationship or affecting marriageability and the like, as breastfeeding does.

[Issued by His Eminence Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ibrahim Al-Shaykh, may Allah be merciful to him]

Establishing an Islamic bank to store blood for emergency aid for wounded Muslims

It is permissible to found an Islamic bank for accepting blood donations from people and preserving it to provide first aid to the Muslims who need it, provided that the bank does not take anything from the patients or their guardians in return for providing blood to them and does not use it as a commercial means to earn money. There is no doubt that such project will be of public interest to Muslims.

[Decree of the Council of Senior Scholars no. 65 dated 7/2/1399 A.H.]

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