Meeting Allaah as a Major Sinner is beloved to me than meeting Him with the Sayings of the Deviated Sects – Sharh as-Sunnah | Dawud Burbank [Audio|En]


Sharh as-Sunnah : Lesson 84 : Point 150C
Shaykh Fawzan | Dawud Burbank [Audio|English]

Imaam Barbahaaree rahimahullaah said:

Yūnus ibn ‘Ubayd saw his son come away from the company of a person of the innovated sects, so he said “O my son! where have you just come from?” He replied “from being with Amr ibn Ubayd“. He said “O my son! that I should see you coming out from the house of a Khunsaa (hermaphrodite, bisexual) would be more beloved to me than that I should see you coming out from the house of so-and-so.That you should meet Allaah, O my son, as a fornicator , a major sinner, a thief and a treacherous person would be more beloved to me than that you meet Him with the saying of the people of the deviant sects.”

Do you not see that the Yūnus ibn ‘Ubayd knew that the hermaphrodite would not misguide his son away from his religion whereas the innovator may lead him astray until he becomes a disbeliever.

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Ithaaful-Qaaree bit-Ta`leeqaat `alaa Sharhis-Sunnah
(A Gift To The Reader In Annotation Of Sharh As-Sunnah)
by Shaykh Saalih ibn Fowzaan al-Fowzaan
Translated by Aboo Talhah Daawood Burbank, rahimahullaah

Posted with kind permission from Dawud Burbank rahimahullaah

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